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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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7-Apr-2006 17:08 GMT

Article #0263
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A lot is happening with REBOL 3.0, and I would like to start publishing more about it. The problem is, I don't want to clutter up this main blog with all the technical details (pretty deep at times).

I will be starting a new blog for REBOL 3.0, but I would really like that blog to allow readers to publish comments. This is something I've wanted to add to blogger.r for quite some time... but there are too many other priorities.

So, does anyone know of a comment publishing version of blogger.r? Nothing fancy is required, in fact, simpler is better. Let me know, and if it can be found, we'll get the REBOL 3.0 info channel running really soon.

(I suppose another approach would be to use an existing blog site that already supports that feature. Suggestions? As much as I prefer REBOL-based solutions, right now time is better spent writing REBOL 3.0, not blogger.r enhancements.)

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