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Final countdown to SDK 2.6.2 (Core 2.6.2 View 1.3.2)

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
3-Dec-2005 17:37 GMT

Article #0224
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Just a quick update. We are in the final stages of releasing a new SDK, version 2.6.2. As a result, there will also be new releases for Core and View that are "in-sync" with the SDK versions.

  • See RAMBO for list of fixed bugs and new features.

  • Note that Rebcode (REBOL VM) and other alpha features are not part of this release; they are still being tested. If you want such alpha features, then please help with the testing, fixes, and discussions on them.

  • If a bug that was important to you did not get fixed, please make sure that it is marked as critical in the RAMBO bug database. (Send an email or otherwise contact Gabriele ( if necessary.)

Also, we are debating if there is really much value in making beta releases. It seem it would be better to make bug fix releases at regular intervals, perhaps once per month. What do you think?

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