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Logitech Wireless Mouse Scroll Wheel Problem

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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26-Oct-2005 16:50 GMT

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Wow, the scroll wheel on my Logitech is broken. The problem occurs when I scroll up in a web browser: the mouse spews out bizarre user interface events that cause a variety of odd problems, like throwing me back to prior web pages. It makes the Logitech mouse almost unusable at times.

I've hesitated in posting this message for a few years now. It seems like it should be a simple problem to solve. I've reported it to both Logitech and Microsoft (the problem is in both XP and Win2k) but no luck with that. Contacting those folks is like tossing a bottle with a message into the Pacific ocean. And, so far, I've found nothing on the Logitech website that addresses the problem. But, I know I'm not alone - a simple google search brings up another user with the same problem. Unfortunately, no fix is mentioned.

Also, unlike my prior report that was about problems with cheap mice, these Logitech mice are top-of-the line, not cheap. Now, I would say this is a freak problem, but I own several of these Logitech wireless mice, and they all have the same problem. Installing the newer Logitech mouse drivers and control panels does not help the problem. Nor does updating XP.

Update: See Logitech Wireless Mouse Scroll Wheel Solution? for possible fixes to this problem.


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