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A Nice REBOL Editor - Crimson Edit

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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19-Jul-2005 0:28 GMT

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For those of you who want something a little better than notepad for writing REBOL scripts, but don't want to spend money on anything fancy (and quite frankly, much too heavyweight), here is a nice little editor that does the job quite well: Crimson Editor.

Here's what I like about it:

  1. It's a quick download.
  2. It installs in seconds.
  3. It has REBOL color highlighting built-in (smart guys).
  4. It has a nice directory window for browsing scripts.
  5. You can easily make it evaluate REBOL code.
  6. It indents REBOL properly.

So, that covers most of the bases. Of course, it has many more features too. What you would expect.

To set up "standard" REBOL colorizing... go to the Tools/Preferences menu and select General Colors. Then, set background black, normal text white, constant and strings green, and comments cyan (sky color). Then, click on keyword colors and set them all red. Now you are set for the "official" REBOL color codes.

To evaluate your script with a single stroke, go to the Preferences again, Tools section, and User Tools menu and enter:

 Menu Text:Evaluate REBOL
 Command:(path to REBOL)
 Argument:-s "$(FilePath)"
 Initial Dir:$(FileDir)
 Hot Key:Ctrl-E (The "official" REBOL evaluation key. ;)

Also, in that same menu, be sure to select "save before execute" so your script file gets saved before it is run.

And, that's it. You are ready to crank out REBOL code by the hundreds of bytes (... you thought I was going to say megabytes, right? Sorry, what do you think this is, .Net?)

Many thanks to Will Ware at for his comments as inspiration for this article.


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