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Cool Reblet: A Classmate Reunion Manager

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
16-Jul-2005 6:11 GMT

Article #0186
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Here is a great example of the kinds of little reblet applications that can be built with REBOL. I wrote this reblet for my upcoming high school class reunion (Eureka High School class of 1975):

The reblet allows us (the reunion committee in different parts of the state) to collaborate and quickly add, edit, and share information about each classmate, including:

  • Name, spouse, maiden name
  • Address, phone, email info
  • Who is attending, what package they want, what they paid.
  • Bios for classmates
  • Emailing of payment confirmations
  • Making their badge for the event
  • Filtering the list various ways (first name, last name, unpaid,...)

The reblet is only 14 K, runs 50 times faster than a normal web page, transfers all the info in REBOL data format (via the main web site), synchronizes new information between all users, plus it automatically updates a list of attendees on the web site.

Not bad for 14 K. Oh, and the server side is about 5 K.

I hope to write a few notes about what took me the most time in creating this application... (and it wasn't writing the code).

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