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REBOL 3 Functions: replace

replace  target  search  replace  /all  /case  /tail

Replaces a search value with the replace value within the target series.


target [series!] - Series that is being modified

search - Value to be replaced (converted if necessary)

replace - Value to replace with (called each time if a function)


/all - Replace all occurrences

/case - Case-sensitive replacement

/tail - Return target after the last replacement position

See also:

insert   remove   change  


Searches target block or series for specified data and replaces it with data from the replacement block or series. Block elements may be of any datatype.

The /ALL refinement replaces all occurrences of the searched data in the target block or series.

str: "a time a spec a target"
replace str "a " "on "
print str
on ime a spec a target
replace/all str "a " "on "
print str
on ime on pec on arget
fruit: ["apples" "lemons" "bananas"]
replace fruit "lemons" "oranges"
print fruit
apples oranges bananas
numbers: [1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9]
replace numbers [4 5 6] ["four" "five" "six"]
print numbers
1 2 3 four five six 7 8 9

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