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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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25-Feb-2018 19:41 GMT

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Rebol website home page has been updated with a few announcements and a new Rebol Projects page has been added. Take a look if you have a chance. I'm also looking for help with some of it, mostly small tasks like better CSS or how to build OSX on cloud servers. (Hopefully that's a small task.)

Having been away from Rebol for several years and working at a fantastic consumer electronics company on cool projects, you may be asking yourself: what is my interest in Rebol at this point? Honestly, I still love Rebol, and I continue to use it for what I think of as "hobby" projects. For me it's kind of like making wine, handling ranch tasks, fiddling with ham radios, or pondering/proposing electro-magnetic theory. I never stop thinking about them, but they take a back seat to my pay job.

Yes, I know that Rebol has forked several ways. What's my view of that? I see it as mostly positive. There many good ideas and serious progress being made. People want progress. Many of these ideas reflect my own desires for the future of the language. Those who use and depend on Rebol know what they want from language technology. I'm no exception from that.

I'll be saying more about my interests, and what I've learned about myself in recent years in the world of commercial products and technologies. A lot of what I learned is just practical insights, like focusing on getting products done. But, those lessons are mixed-in with some big-dream projects. I keep thinking about those those moon robots that someone once suggested would be made possible with Rebol. I like that kind of thinking... those big bold ideas.


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