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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
1-Aug-2010 22:31 GMT

Article #0483
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Over the weekend, while I was out of town, I begin designing a web page that I've wanted to create for years: a REBOL quick reference card for beginners. This one links to the R3 documentation, but we could have one for R2 as well, if it's of interest to users. Also, it's just a draft, and there are more improvements to make in the layout and content.

The purpose is to list the most common features and functions of the language. That's useful to new programmers because browsing the function dictionary pages can often be a bit intimidating.

It's funny. Most experts don't really use a card like this, so building one ends up as a low priority wish-list task that never happens. It turns out that an old friend created one many years ago and gave me a copy, but I'm not exactly sure what happened to it (and by now it would be out-of-date.) Others have also popped up over the years, but I'm not sure where they are located or if they're still there.

Anyway, if you have a function that you use quite often, and it's not listed, click on the suggest link at the top and add your suggestion to the wiki page. Any other suggestions are welcome.


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