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REBOL 3 Usage: Upgrading

On initialization, a banner is displayed that identifies the program version. Version numbers have the format:


For example, the version number:

indicates that you are running version 2, revision 3, update 0, for Windows 95/98/NT (REBOL platform number 3.1). A complete list of all platform numbers is available from This HTML file also contains a hidden REBOL database that can be used for determining the platform.

You can obtain the version number from the REBOL prompt with:

print system/version

Only the latest release of REBOL is supported by REBOL Technologies. You can verify that you have the latest version and automatically update it if out of date. To do so, be sure that you are connected to the Internet, then from within REBOL type:

This copy of Windows 95/98/NT iX86 REBOL/core
is currently up to date.
This copy of Windows 95/98/NT iX86 REBOL/core
is not up to date. Current version is:
Download current version?

To upgrade to the latest version, type Y (yes). Otherwise, type N (no).

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