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REBOL 3 Guide: Basics: Download and test


We're still testing out R3.

If you're going to try it, please be sure to read the introductory docs found on DocBase. This page will change as R3 moves toward final release.


Quick download

We like to keep REBOL really easy to run, so...

  1. The R3 Download is small (about 550 KB.)
  2. You don't need anything else. No other DLLs or other files are needed. You don't need SQL or .NET.
  3. You can just run it. It does not require installation. (We'll give you the option later to install in order to make icons and file types work.)

Try it on your system

Once you've downloaded the program, check that it works on your system:

On Windows:Double click on the icon you just downloaded. The REBOL console will open.
On others:Run the program from the shell prompt. (Many systems require ./name syntax for local files.)

If the REBOL program does not run, make sure that your OS is supported. If it is a commonly used OS, and the program does not run, please contact us via the Feedback.

Important notes!

Please read the R3 Alpha page. Pay attention to the warnings.

Here are a few other notes:

Network settingsR3 does not require network settings. This means that in order to use R3, you need direct access to the Internet. No proxy access is supported at this time. (R3 does plan to support it in the beta release.)
Demos to tryFrom the console, type demo to download and see the current demos. Note that graphics demos will not be run from non-graphics (server) versions of R3.
Version updatesCheck for updates often using the upgrade function.
About the consoleThe console is a bit crude. It's just the Microsoft command shell. On other systems, the console is whatever default shell for that system. Later, we may add back a special console if there's user interest in doing so.

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