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REBOL 3 Functions: reword

reword  source  values  /escape  char  /into  output

Substitutes values into a template string, returning a new string.


source [any-string!] - Template series (or string with escape sequences)

values [map! object! block!] - Pairs of values and replacements (will be called if functions)


/escape - Choose your own escape char (no escape for block templates)

char [char! any-string!] - Use this escape char (default $)

/into - Insert into a buffer instead (returns position after insert)

output [any-string!] - The buffer series (modified)

See also:

compose   replace  


This is a general substitution function useful for building web pages, form letters, and other documents.

Work In Process

The block substitution abilities are still pending but string substitution works well now.

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