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REBOL 3 Functions: forskip

forskip  word  size  body

Evaluates a block for periodic values in a series.


word [word!] - Word that refers to the series, set to each position in series

size [integer! decimal!] - Number of positions to skip each time

body [block!] - Block to evaluate each time

See also:

for   forall   foreach   skip  


Prior to evaluation, the word must be set to the desired starting position within the series (normally the head, but any position is valid). After each evaluation of the block, the word's position in the series is changed by skipping the number of values specified by the second argument (see the skip function).

areacodes: [
    "Ukiah"         707
    "San Francisco" 415
    "Sacramento"    916
forskip areacodes 2 [
    print [ first areacodes "area code is" second areacodes]
Sacramento area code is 916

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