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REBOL 3 Concepts: Tour: Files

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This document was written for R2 and has yet to be revised for R3.


This section is obsolete and being replaced. It is kept only as a source for new content.

In REBOL, files are easily accessed. The following table describes some of the ways to access files.

You can read a text file with:

data: read %plan.txt

You can display a text file with:

print read %plan.txt

To write a text file:

write %plan.txt data

For instance, you could write out the current time with:

write %plan.txt now

You can also easily append to the end of a file:

write/append %plan data

Binary files can be read and written with:

data: read/binary %image.jpg

write/binary %new.jpg data

To load a file as a REBOL block or value:

data: load %data.r

Saving a block or a value to a file is just as easy:

save %data.r data

To evaluate a file as a script (it needs a header to do this.):

do %script.r

You can read a file directory with:

dir: read %images/

and, you can then display the file names with:

foreach file dir [print file]

To make a new directory:

make-dir %newdir/

To find out the current directory path:

print what-dir

If you need to delete a file:

delete %oldfile.txt

You can also rename a file with:

rename %old.txt %new.txt

To get information about a file:

print size? %file.txt

print modified? %file.txt

print dir? %image

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