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REBOL 3 Concepts: Strings: String Functions

Pending Revision

This document was written for R2 and has yet to be revised for R3.

There are a wide variety of functions that operate on or produce strings. Functions are available for modifying strings, searching strings, compressing and decompressing strings, changing the spacing of strings, parsing strings, and converting strings. These functions operate on all string related datatypes, such as string!, binary!, tag!, file!, url!, email!, and issue!.

The string creation, modification and search functions are covered in the series chapter. They include the items listed in [bad-link:concepts/string.txt] Functions.

copycopy all or part of a string
makeallocate storage for a string
insertinsert a character or substring into another string
removeremove one or more characters from a string
changechange one or more characters in a string
appendinsert a character or substring at the tail of a string
findfind or match a character or string in another string
replacefind a string and replace it with another string

In addition, the series traversing functions like next, back, head, and tail were covered. They are used to reposition in strings. In addition, the series test functions allow you to determine your position within a string.

This chapter will introduce functions that convert REBOL values into strings. These functions are used often, and they are also used by the print and probe functions. They include:

formconvert values with spaces and in human readable format
moldconvert values in REBOL readable format
joinconvert values with no spaces
reformreduces values before forming them
remoldreduces values before molding them
rejoinreduces values before joining them

This chapter will also describes these string functions:

detabreplace tabs with spaces
entabreplace spaces with tabs
trimremove white space or lines around strings
uppercaseconvert string to uppercase
lowercaseconvert string to lowercase
checksumcompute a checksum for string
compresscompress string
decompressdecompress string
enbaseconvert a string to base value
debaseconvert an enbased string to a string
dehexconvert hexadecimal ASCII values to characters

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