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REBOL 3 Concepts: Scripts: Program Options

Scripts also have access to the options provided to the REBOL interpreter when it was started. These are found in the system/options object.

bootThe file path to the REBOL executable that you are currently running.
homeThe file path as determined by your operating system's environment. This is the path set in the HOME environment variable or system registry for systems that support it. This is the path used to find the rebol.r and user.r files.
pathThe file path to the current directory.
scriptThe file name of the initial script provided when the interpreter was launched.
argsThe initial arguments provided to the interpreter on the command line.
do-argThe string provided as an argument to the --do option on the command line.

The system/options object also contains additional options that were provided on the command line. Type

probe system/options

to examine the contents of the options object.


print system/options/script

probe system/options/args

print read system/options/home/user.r

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