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REBOL 3 Concepts: Modules

One of the primary REBOL principles is to keep simple things simple. With that in mind REBOL was designed so most programs do not require you to load external modules, libraries, or use include files. The most important features and functions are included by default.

However, when programs get larger, or require more special types of features, it helps to divide the program into smaller pieces: modules.

In REBOL a module is just a file or block that by default has its own global namespace. Variables defined in a module, even at the top level, will not interfere with variables defined in the system or in other modules. They are isolated in their own special context (very similar to an object.)

This section includes:

Released in A40

The module features discussed here were added in the R3-A40 release. You can try the examples using that version or greater.

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