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REBOL 3 Concepts: Graphics


Graphics is divided into a few categories (sub-systems):

GUIThe graphical user interface. This is a top level layer to make it it easier to generate and display user interfaces.
ViewThe windowing system. This opens windows and handles their events (at the top level). Can be used with the GUI or directly.
GOBLow-level graphical objects. These are 2D objects used to generate, composite (layers), and display graphics.
EventsEvent processing. How mouse movement, button clicks, and keyboard keys are handled.
DrawA way of specifying scalar vector graphics. This is how lines, boxes, shading, and other images are specified and rendered.
RichtextThe text system. How fonts and text are rendered and displayed.
EffectsSpecial image processing. For example, how to colorize, tint, scale, and blend images.

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