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REBOL 3 Concepts: Errors: Error Categories

Pending Revision

This document was written for R2 and has yet to be revised for R3.

There are several categories of errors.


Syntax Errors

Syntax errors occur when a script uses REBOL syntax incorrectly. For instance, if a closing bracket is missing or a string is missing its closing quote, a syntax error will occur. These errors only occur during the load or evaluation of a file or string.

Script Errors

Script errors are general run-time errors. For instance, an invalid argument to a function will cause a script error.

Math Errors

Math errors occur when a math operation cannot be processed. For instance, when attempting to divide by zero an error will occur.

Access Errors

Access errors occur when a problem occurs with a file, port or network access. For example, an access error will occur when attempting to read a file that does not exist.

User Errors

User errors are generated explicitly by a script by creating an error value and returning it.

Internal Errors

Internal errors occur within the REBOL interpreter.

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