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Testimonials from REBOL users...

Ed O'Connor, User Experience Manager, Avaya says...

"REBOL/Express is the first shining example of the next generation of extensible, network-aware software platforms.

Web browsers have peaked. It's time to think outside of the browser "box." Browsers are designed for viewing text-based content one page at a time, not for building applications. They are plagued by network latency at every click. The next generation of web platforms must provide the robust interface, security and stability of native, locally-running apps. While other companies are beginning to acknowledge this trend, REBOL Technologies is there now.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file-sharing and Instant Messaging are evolving and growing rapidly. E-mail, the most successful technology of the new economy, is clearly showing its age. Chat and file-sharing technologies are much more efficient than e-mail for the type of rapid communication that is common to fast-paced business environments. The REBOL/Express platform provides these communication tools and lets you custom develop them in a matter of hours.

Writing tight code is back. Over the last decade, many developers have taken short-cuts by relying on bloated code libraries and inefficient tools. With the increasing popularity of alternative operating systems, handheld computing platforms, and pioneering applications (Opera Browser, Netscape Gecko Engine), IT departments and users are once again placing value on highly efficient, well-crafted software. REBOL/Express is a great example of this new breed of software. Micro-thin and cross-platform, REBOL is a marvel of software engineering.

At Avaya, we're exploring various ways of leveraging the power of REBOL/Express for next-generation web applications and messaging systems. Using REBOL/Express, we'll be there long before our competition."

From Didier GHILAIN, Chief of Psychological Selection Department and Christophe COUSSEMENT, Computer Aided Testing Project Officer, Belgian Armed Forces ...

"Because of a new - and high priority - political decision from the Belgian Minister of Defense, we had to reengineer our whole computer assessment system - the Computer Aided Testing system - in such a way that it could be used in the Armed Forces Recruitment Centers throughout the national territory. Our earlier version included 40,000 lines of code and libraries - i.e., a big system, using a 50 MB database. With REBOL/Command, we achieved an improved, more reliable, easier to use and to maintain system. And this was done in less than 6 MB, including all data for the system, thanks to the small footprint and pragmatic approach of Command! Also, did I mention that a two-person team achieved these results in less than 6 months, with no preliminary knowledge of REBOL.

REBOL/Command allowed us to transfer needed data in a very fast and reliable way from our previous DBMS in just a few lines of script, and to interface with the shell for the use of external libraries. We then used REBOL's RUNTIME to distribute it as a standalone application."

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