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Show - Function Summary


Display a face or block of faces.


show face


face - The face argument. (must be: object block)


This is a low-level View function that is used to display or update a face. The face being displayed must be part of a pane that is part of a window display.

The SHOW function is called frequently to update the display of a face after changes have been made. If the face contains a pane of sub-faces, all of those faces will be redisplayed.

If you attempt to show a face and nothing happens, make sure that the face is part of the display hierarchy. That is, the face must be present in the pane list of another face that is being displayed.

For example, if you modify any of the attributes of a face, you call the SHOW function to display the change. The code below shows this:

    view layout [
        bx: box 100x24 black
        button "Red" [bx/color: red  show bx]
        button "Green" [bx/color: green  show bx]

The example below creates a layout face and then removes faces from its pane. The SHOW function is called each time to refresh the face and display what has happened.

    out: layout [
        h1 "Show Example"
        t1: text "Text 1"
        t2: text "Text 2"
    view/new out
    wait 1
    remove find out/pane t2
    show out
    wait 1
    remove find out/pane t1
    show out
    wait 1
    append out/pane t2
    show out
    wait 1


hide - Hides a face or block of faces.
unview - Closes window views, except main view.
view - Displays a window face.

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