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Set-modes - Function Summary


Changes mode settings for a port.


set-modes target modes


target - The target argument. (must be: file url block port)

modes - The modes argument. (must be: block)


This function sets a wide range of special modes for file and network ports. SET-MODES takes a port and a block of modes that contains words and values to specify the modes should be set.

    port: open %test-file.txt
    set-modes port [
        binary: true
        world-read: true
        world-write: true
        world-execute: true

The mode block accepted by set-modes is actually an object-style initialization block and allows multiple names to reference the same value.

    set-modes port [binary: world-read: world-write: false]

Be sure to close the port when you are done:

    close port

Note that a block returned by GET-MODES can be passed as an argument to SET-MODES.

SET-MODE returns the port that was passed as an argument.

See GET-MODES for a list of all port mode words.


get-modes - Returns mode settings for a port.
open - Opens a new port connection.
read - Reads from a file, url, or port-spec (block or object).
write - Writes to a file, url, or port-spec (block or object).

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