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Send - Function Summary


Send a message to an address (or block of addresses)


send address message


address - An address or block of addresses (must be: email block)

message - Text of message. First line is subject.


/only - Send only one message to multiple addresses

/header - Supply your own custom header

header-obj - The header to use (must be: object)

/attach - Attach file, files, or [.. [filename data]]

files - The files to attach to the message (must be: file block)

/subject - Set the subject of the message

subj - The subject line

/show - Show all recipients in the TO field


The first argument can be an email address or block of addresses. The value sent can be any REBOL datatype, but it will be converted to text prior to sending. For email, the message header will be constructed from the default header, unless the /HEADER refinement and a header object is provided. The /ONLY refinement will use bulk email, sending a single message to multiple email addresses.

Before you can use this function you must setup your network configuration with SET-NET. This can be done interactively by running the SET-USER function defined in rebol.r.

    send "Testing REBOL Function Summary"

    header: make system/standard/email [
        To: []
        From: [user@world.dom]
        Subject: "Message with a header"
        Organization: "REBOL Alliance"
    send/header trim {
        This is a longer message that also contains a
    } header


resend - Relay a message
save - Saves a value or a block to a file or url.

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