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Reduce - Function Summary


Evaluates an expression or block expressions and returns the result.


reduce value


value - The value argument.


When given a block, evaluates each of its expressions and returns a block with all of the results. Very useful for composing blocks of values.

    values: reduce [1 + 2 3 + 4]
    probe values
    [3 7]

The REDUCE function is a major element of the REBOL language because it allows you to initialize blocks with values that must be computed. For example:

    file: %comments.r
    info: reduce [now/date size? file modified? file]
    probe info
    [9-Mar-2004 2966 24-Jan-2003/22:53:58-8:00]


compose - Evaluates a block of expressions, only evaluating parens, and returns a block.
do - Evaluates a block, file, URL, function, word, or any other value.
foreach - Evaluates a block for each value(s) in a series.

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