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Function - Function Summary


Defines a user function with local words.


function spec vars body


spec - Optional help info followed by arg words (and optional type and string) (must be: block)

vars - List of words that are local to the function (must be: block)

body - The body block of the function (must be: block)


FUNCTION is identical to FUNC but includes a block in which you can name words considered LOCAL to the function.

    average: function [block] [total] [
        total: 0
        foreach number block [total: number + total]
        total / (length? block)
    print average [1 10 12.34]


does - A shortcut to define a function that has no arguments or locals.
exit - Exits a function, returning no value.
func - Defines a user function with given spec and body.
function? - Returns TRUE for function values.
has - A shortcut to define a function that has local variables but no arguments.
make - Constructs and returns a new value.
return - Returns a value from a function.
use - Defines words local to a block.

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