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Form - Function Summary


Converts a value to a string.


form value


value - The value to form


FORM creates the user-friendly format of the value, its standard PRINT format, not its molded (or source) format. When given a block of values, spaces are inserted between each values (except after a newline). To avoid the spaces between values use INSERT or JOIN. Note that FORM does not evaluate the values within a block. To do so, either use REFORM or perform a REDUCE prior to the FORM.

    print form 10:30

    print form %image.jpg

    print form [123 "-string-" now]
    123 -string- now

    print reform [123 "-string-" now]
    123 -string- 9-Mar-2004/0:59:51-8:00


join - Concatenates values.
mold - Converts a value to a REBOL-readable string.
reform - Forms a reduced block and returns a string.
remold - Molds a reduced block and returns a string.

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