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Disarm - Function Summary


Returns the error value as an object.


disarm error


error - The error argument. (must be: error)


DISARM allows access to the values of an error object. If the error is not disarmed, it will occur again immediately.

    probe disarm try [1 + "x"]
    make object! [
        code: 312
        type: 'script
        id: 'cannot-use
        arg1: 'add
        arg2: 'string!
        arg3: none
        near: [1 + "x"]
        where: 'do-out

The error object returned from DISARM can be used to determine the type of error and its arguments. For example in the case of a divide by zero error:

    probe disarm try [1 / 0]
    make object! [
        code: 400
        type: 'math
        id: 'zero-divide
        arg1: none
        arg2: none
        arg3: none
        near: [1 / 0]
        where: 'do-out

You might write a TRY block that handles the error after it has happened:

    if error? err: try [
        value: 1 / 0
        err: disarm err
        either err/id = 'zero-divide [value: 0] [probe err quit]
    print value


attempt - Tries to evaluate and returns result or NONE on error.
error? - Returns TRUE for error values.
trace - Enables and disables evaluation tracing.
try - Tries to DO a block and returns its value or an error.

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