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Decode-cgi - Function Summary


Converts CGI argument string to a block of set-words and value strings.


decode-cgi args


args - Starts at first argument word. (must be: any-string)


Constructs a block of word value pairs from a name=value text string argument delineated with the "&" character. Obtain CGI queries by using DECODE-CGI to evaluate system/options/cgi/query-string, where CGI query strings are stored for reference.

    ex-query-string: "fname=John&lname=Doe&email=who@where.dom"
    cgi-input: make object! decode-cgi ex-query-string
    print probe cgi-input
    make object! [
        fname: "John"
        lname: "Doe"
        email: "who@where.dom"

    print ["Name:   " cgi-input/fname cgi-input/lname]
    print ["Email:  " cgi-input/email]
    Name:    John Doe
    Email:   who@where.dom

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