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At - Function Summary


Returns the series at the specified index.


at series index


series - The series argument. (must be: series port)

index - Can be positive, negative, or zero. (must be: number logic pair)


Provides a simple way to index into a series. AT returns the series at the new index point. Note that the operation is relative to the current position within the series.

    numbers: [11 22 33]
    print at numbers 2
    22 33

    words: [grand grape great good]
    print first at words 2

    remove at words 2
    insert at words 3 [super]
    probe words
    [grand great super good]


head - Returns the series at its head.
pick - Returns the value at the specified position in a series.
skip - Returns the series forward or backward from the current position.
tail - Returns the series at the position after the last value.

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