Comments on: CGI requires content-length
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: CGI requires content-length

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
30-Jan-2016 16:50 GMT

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I've noticed that various Rebol CGI website scripts hang. Apparently, HTTP POST on newer servers (or clients actually) keeps the socket open in such a way that the standard read-cgi function hangs.

The fix I use in newer scripts is to use the CGI content-length field to terminate the read.

If you have insights into this problem, please comment. I'd like to fix read-cgi in the next release.



30-Jan-2016 19:48:45
You can disable persistent connections with:

Connection: close

added to the HTTP headers. See:

I guess servers now default to HTTP/1.1 at least and assume CGI scripts can handle that (though... it seems strange that the would on good old CGI... I wonder if there's something else going on).

Note also that you can support keep alive connections on scripts even if you don't know the output Content-Length in advance using the chunked transfer encoding:

Eudy Dhe
19-Nov-2018 9:15:36
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