Comments on: Linux 64 bit Rebol/Core test release
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: Linux 64 bit Rebol/Core test release

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
24-Jan-2016 1:23 GMT

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Released a preliminary (alpha test) version of Rebol/core for 64 bit Linux. This was built on a Ubuntu system, and I'm not entirely sure how portable it is, but maybe you can give it a try and post your comments here?

Side note: motivation for this release was moving to a 64 bit cloud server.



24-Jan-2016 9:24:03
Nice to see some development of Rebol!

Here is a run on x86_64 Open Suse, seems to work fine:

REBOL/Core (23-Jan-2016) Copyright 2016 REBOL Technologies REBOL is a Trademark of REBOL Technologies All rights reserved.

Finger protocol loaded Whois protocol loaded Daytime protocol loaded SMTP protocol loaded ESMTP protocol loaded POP protocol loaded IMAP protocol loaded HTTP protocol loaded FTP protocol loaded NNTP protocol loaded >>

Now just waiting for view!

Robert M. Münch
24-Jan-2016 12:48:14
Please try a Windows version with View as well. The MS toolchain is free to get and it should be no big deal.
Brian Tiffin
25-Jan-2016 7:26:52
Thank you.

Being on Ubuntu, worked as expected. Which probably isn't news or overly informative, but greatly appreciated, Carl.

Have good.

25-Jan-2016 12:48:36
Thank you . On Debian 7 work . You can release Rebol/View for 64 bit Linux ?
Maarten Koopmans
25-Jan-2016 17:17:32
Aewsome, just what I needed.

Is it that much extra work to port the SDKs? I would really like the RSA encrytion functions, for example, or AES.

25-Jan-2016 20:13
If I am correct, the next one is for Mac :-) No need for rushing in on the Windows version, let the guy that are using real computer OS'es report the little leftover bugs before making the release for the masses.
26-Jan-2016 11:34:57
Great! Waiting for Windows x64 version!
Steven White
26-Jan-2016 17:42:25
Well, look at us all coming out of the woodwork clamoring for 64-bit View on Windows.

When I got to work Monday I found what appeared to be hardware difficulties with my test Linux computer, so I quickly got another on going with 64-bit opensuse 13.2, and I am pleased to report that REBOL/core starts up just fine. I don't have anything to DO with REBOL/Core, but it does run.

Thank you.

27-Jan-2016 21:06:01
Hi Carl,

I just had to reinstall a client web server and choose Ubuntu 14.04 64bits without wondering. Then I tried rebol and realize that my old /core version is 32bits and does not work on this OS. Fortunately, you had just released a 64bits version the same week. I feel lucky ;-)


28-Jan-2016 13:15:37
... BUT not so lucky it appears.

I think I have found a bug.

Try this in the sheel several times :

rebol -c --do "probe checksum/method {abcedfg} 'md5"
==> It give the same result as expected. But just add one more character to the string (or several) and the result is no more the same at each call :
rebol -c --do "probe checksum/method {abcedfgh} 'md5"
==> The result is always different.

This one give 5 results, the first is different of the others next :

rebol -c --do "loop 5 [probe checksum/method {abcedfghijkl} 'md5]"

Houston, we have a problem!

28-Jan-2016 13:45:01
Carl, where do you want bugs to be reported ?

'load on binary values give a "segmentation fault" :

load #{33}
31-Jan-2016 20:20:05
Hi Carl, Are there any workarounds on the current 32bit view to get it to work on 64bit?Some people suggest installing libXaw.i386 but apt-get thinks the lib doesn't exist


5-Feb-2016 8:08:10
Not sure if the R3 MD5 code is the same than the R2 one, but Atronix has fixed R3 MD5 code for 64 bits compilation. Here is the direct link to the Atronix MD5 source code :

Despite this anoying bug (it's also problematic for ESMTP : I had to temporary patch esmtp/open to not use CRAM authentication), the alpha core runs just fine on my webserver.

2-Mar-2016 12:09:27
Hi Carl,

Any news about a new version with the checksum bug removed ?

8-Aug-2016 14:29:25
I come back to ask if anything has been done about the MD5 checksum bug ? It is very easy to solve at the C level as you can see in the Already posted link with the R3 fix.
24-Aug-2016 10:58:42
DideC look forward around 2020 you will get your answer :) I still pray with all my heart that Carl gather rebolers efforts and organise a nice developpement community around rebol open source.
24-Aug-2016 11:06:14
and as a financial part well now in day donation and or crowd founding are much muuuuuch muuuuch more a part of people habits than it was in 2006 when I initially talk about creating a dev community open source organised by Carl...

We have rebol 3ish alphaish open sourceish but it lacks vision project impulse and perspective over time... On the other side we have Carl wich has visio, ideas perspective, proposition of new things or ending old great ideas (rebcode ... rebol/desktop... VID... ) but he lacks time... So it would be natural to think about merging both in a community that makes rebol progress

Steven White
24-Aug-2016 13:33:49
I think Carl is about five years younger than I am, which would put him at around 61. Maybe, when he becomes old enough for Social Security (basic government-provided financial assistance for the elderly in the USA), he will retire from paid work and return to REBOL as a retirement hobby.

The REBOL situation shows, in my opinion, that the hardest problems to solve are not the technical ones.

Tim Johnson
16-Jan-2017 0:51:48
I've got the 64-bit version running on ubuntu 14.04. I also have used the 32-bit vers. for years with ia32-libs. I have a large, relatively complex application for invoicing that I built using rebol, many years ago and is the only thing I do with rebol any more. It seems to work find with the new 64-bit version. I can verify the load error and readline is all screwed up.
10-Feb-2017 14:33:03
Tim: don't rely on any function that make cyphering/checksuming/hashing as they haven't be ported to correctly handle integers as 32bits! They are compiled to be 64bits wide, but the algorithm are relying on 32bits values!
24-May-2018 5:56:43
Any chance of getting a 64-bit Linux release of Rebol/View, please? Installing the 32-bit dependencies is a huge PITA.
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