Comments on: Rebol 2.7.8 released for ARM v7
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Comments on: Rebol 2.7.8 released for ARM v7

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
17-Jan-2016 23:12 GMT

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I've released ARM v7 versions of rebol/core and rebol/view in the download pages of this website. I use these mainly on Odroid boards, so I thought other rebolers might want to give them a try. They're pretty much untested; I don't have a lot of time for that. You'll need to watch for problems. Let me know how they do. I've not tried it with Raspi or Beaglebone yet.

You can post comments here or send me a message via feedback.

Side note: As I've mentioned before, I like the Odroid XU3 and C1. The XU3 has 8 CPU cores, and I'm using it right now to write this blog page. I use the C1 for home control. You can find out more or order a board to play with from reboler Bo's store at



18-Jan-2016 2:07:21
I'm still willing to pay (quite a bit) for a web release of R2 (also Android and iPhone...). What would it take Carl?
James nak
18-Jan-2016 4:39:28
Thanks Carl!
Maarten Koopmans
18-Jan-2016 7:35:16

Many thanks!

So these would work on Raspberry Pi 2 probably as well, which would be pretty great. I hope someone tests that (my Is are all in the R2-D2 prototype of my oldest son right now).....

Maarten Koopmans
18-Jan-2016 7:43:22

Could you build command too (with the FFI/C interface), and maybe even encap? I'd be willing to pay for that as new license if that would run on the Pi2!

18-Jan-2016 19:01:16
Thanks for the link, Carl! I will probably be posting a video of R2/View on ameriDroid's YouTube channel. I'll post a message here after I have.
18-Jan-2016 23:15:48
Works fine on the RPi2 as well.
Steven White
19-Jan-2016 2:05:40
Thank you. Even though I am not a heavy REBOL user, I am a regular one. Seeing activity on the REBOL web site is reassuring. The more I use it, the more I appreciate it.
19-Jan-2016 9:27:38
Nice to see Rebol2 running on the RPi. I second the request for an SDK build for ARM too, though a new Rebol2 x86 release with the infamous GC bug fixed would be even more welcome. ;-)
Steven White
19-Jan-2016 15:42:02
REBOL 2 on my Nexus 7 tablet; now that would be cool, and useful. Now that I think about it, I, too, could donate money to the project, although since I am preparing to enter the Age Of Fixed Income, that amount, looked at in isolation, would be considered almost insulting. However, small amounts from a lot of people might be a different matter.
Maarten Koopmans
19-Jan-2016 18:31:28
Yes, rebcmd or rebpro on armv7....dare we dream of it? And then I'm not even asking for encap (though I wouldn't mind).

I'd happily give you my money for that.

John Ayres
26-Nov-2022 1:51:40
downloaded x86-64 runs only in a terminal. Nothing works dowloaded arm version tried on v4b 64bit Raspberry pi. I guess the 64bit rpi isn't multiarch so can't run 32 bit? Tried on Pi ZERO. Seg fault. I guess I'll go back to FORTH Thanks anyway

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