Comments on: Testing 1, 2, 3 on new web server
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: Testing 1, 2, 3 on new web server

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
26-Dec-2015 0:35 GMT

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Tap tap tap. Does the Rebol blog work again? Let's see.

Really, just kicking back on a holiday to have some fun bringing back on a new web server. Amazingly, the old hosting site was good for more than a decade, and I take my hat off to them, but the cloud has become cheaper and more powerful when it comes self-operated websites.

Anyway, there are quite a few scripts here to either update or remove. I'll be working my way through them. And yes, I know needs work also. But, one thing at a time.



Carl Sassenrath
26-Dec-2015 0:47:21
Checking if comments are working.
Carl Read
26-Dec-2015 20:05:02
Thanks for getting this working again Carl. The old posts are a very useful resource.
Steven White
27-Dec-2015 17:24:13
Thank you. I also like to re-read the old postings. Some things make more sense after a subsequent reading.
27-Dec-2015 19:16:17
Great to see this blog functional again.
27-Dec-2015 21:29:11
Happy holidays Carl :)
28-Dec-2015 17:42:08
Merry Christmas from Hong Kong, Carl!

I'm using Clojure these days but it still lacks simplicity compared to Rebol :)

Carl Sassenrath
30-Dec-2015 19:23:51
Thanks all. Have a productive new year!
1-Jan-2016 20:21:40
Help Carl!

My website is offline! And regularly my AltME worlds are not reachable. Sometimes the AltME clients even cannot connect to the internet.

I am in a deplorable state!

Will you please help me to shine like I once did?

Thanks a million!

Yours truly,


Gregg Irwin
1-Jan-2016 23:51:44
Thanks for the update Carl. Though I have the same problem as AltME.
Carl Sassenrath
2-Jan-2016 17:49:19
The AltME backend is being affected by a major botnet DOS attack on various cloud service providers. This has been happening over the last several days.

Our service provider informs us that temporary mitigation is underway to block Asia Pacific, the Middle East, South America, but keep traffic from North America and Western Europe.

If service does not get resolved over the next day, we'll relocate the Altme backend to a different data center. Of course that will also be somewhat disruptive due to the required domain record change.

2-Jan-2016 20:00:57
Hi Carl,

Thank you for your timely reply.

In the meantime we learned that this connection problem was likely caused by this ongoing DDoS attack.

The site has been out of service for a longer time. Without further information it is hard for outsiders to tell if other services will be available in future for much longer.



Carl Sassenrath
2-Jan-2016 20:30:04
Hi Arnold, I'm checking into right now. I think the service provider must have made some changes.
Phil Blood
4-Jan-2016 16:41:46
Hey Carl. It seems that the Altme servers are back up, at least I can start our World, but... no one can log in, every account says that the User Login or Password is wrong. Any suggestions?
4-Jan-2016 19:03:35
Could be that the machine/server that AltME is pointing to still suffers from the attack. Only AltME service was relocated.
10-Jan-2016 22:36:37
Hi, Carl.

So glad to see some activity on the main site again. :-)

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