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Comments on: Linked In

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
16-Dec-2013 18:01 GMT

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When it comes to online social, I guess I'm just a laggard. It really depends on what you want. I created REBOL/IOS and AltME because I wanted more efficient direct and private communications. Those worked really well for that. Very efficient. I don't like wasting time.

When IOS got nominated for a Webby award back in 2002, at the event, I met a few other pioneers who were building open social sites and even a few got traction. But, I used to think how boring is that? One of the guys nagged me for months on this thing "Linked In"... but, seemed like another noise generator to me. Facebook was a disaster for me. Seems like my page became endless spew about nothing. Some people love that kind of stuff. Not me.

Anyway, I finally signed up on Linked In a few weeks ago. Reason wasn't anything special. It seems like an international white pages, and as a directory, it seems like there's some merit. Maybe there's a better "white pages only" service of some kind out there. It's nice to be able to find old friends and for them to find me.

Now, if I could get more folks to come visit and help tend the vines and pick grapes... it doesn't get any easier as the years flip by.

So, after about a month, I'm up to 4 contacts now on Linked In. Pretty good eh? (Well, two are family.)

And you thought I was going to write something about REBOL? Soon.



16-Dec-2013 20:35:30
Steven White
17-Dec-2013 6:15:31
OK, so here's an idea. Every year at harvest time you host a harvest party. People come to town, stay in local hotels at their own expense, but during the day they help you pick grapes and get to ask you stuff about REBOL. The general goal would be to pass along the vision and philosophy of REBOL, like an oral history or something.
LinkedIn Buddy
17-Dec-2013 11:00:56
Are you asking for LinkedIn requests? My friends would go nuts if they got a LinkedIn notification email saying that I was connected to Carl Sassenrath!
Ed O'Connor
17-Dec-2013 16:18:23
Hi Carl-- Thought you'd be pleased to know: REBOL has been helping me stand-up a large content management platform for an ecommerce travel portal. We use about 30 scripts to find defects/issues across 85 locale sites and to test a complex, rules-based navigation system. Sometimes a change in our web-services layer requires modifications to 20k page templates. Our IT team and consultants want no part of that-- they recommended hiring 8-10 data entry temps. But REBOL and parse had it done within hours. Still a great tool that punches well above its weight class. Best regards.
18-Dec-2013 0:55:23
do not let them get into your address book they will try
18-Dec-2013 5:38:29
This makes it as simple as 1 + 1 to send an you an invite. You have one from me now!
Danilo S.
20-Dec-2013 7:55:19
I'm sorry: I hate LinkedIn. But I'm following you on Twitter! Greetings from Italy where Rebol is really appreciated.
Danilo S.
20-Dec-2013 7:56:01
Ah, my name is AmmoreChicks...
20-Dec-2013 20:25:47
Sent you an invite Carl - happy holidays!
Paul T.
22-Dec-2013 9:23:31
Great to see Carl on LinkedIn! I sent an invite.
P-O Yliniemi
24-Dec-2013 15:56:38
Having been an old alpha-tester (or was it even pre-alpha, can't remmeber from those days) for the Amiga version, I finally got some time to dive back into REBOL again (since I'm changing jobs, hoping for computing to be fun again). I guess this will be a new start with the language for me.

Carl, I will send you an invite, but as you, I do not really have the clue what LinkedIn is all about, it just seems that it a place to be present on..

Nicolas V.
27-Dec-2013 3:07:27
Send an invite to Carl but no response for the moment.
29-Dec-2013 2:27:57
Its not going to work. Imagine, the harvest would quickly degenerate into a huddle in the shade of the vines, where a dozen people would be engaged in an esoteric discussion that would last well into the night. What grape picking would there be then?

Rather, pick grapes sure, but discuss REBOL after the harvest...after!

30-Dec-2013 9:15:41
interesting new mag

Bo Lechnowsky, Editor :)

31-Dec-2013 16:13:28
"Keep it on topic" would normally preclude this entry, but since the topic seems to be community I am going to take a chance and say hello!

I just bought a (used) copy of "Rebol the Official Guide" after seeing REBOL pretty much top-rated for expressiveness at Looking up the various top rated languages I noticed that most of the very top ones were single domain - and I wasn't interested in the particular domains. I'm hoping the promise of REBOL dialects comes through for me.

I used to program a bit but haven't in several decades and I am intending to sharpen my saw a bit but didn't want to pick a verbose /weak language.

Well hello everyone and I am hoping I like REBOL more and more as I explore it. I'm hoping to find it fairly readable. Any suggestions on accelerated learning would be appreciated. I like to learn by actually doing something small but extensible.

Ok. Well, it is almost NY celebration time so I am going out now and saying bye for now. I hope my being a newbie won't preclude my hanging out in the community and asking an occasional newbie question. The concept of REBOL seems pretty exciting, I must say!

1-Jan-2014 3:20:23
These pages may be an excellent place to start programming in REBOL :

1-Jan-2014 4:49:27
Stever - you can meet community also online. Either via AltME (REBOL4 world), or via the web based Stack Overflow group (but you must gain 100 points first, in order to be able to chat):
Steven White
2-Jan-2014 8:55:42
The biggest problem I had with REBOL was that I was used to solving certain problems in certain ways with other languages, so when I tried to learn REBOL I kept trying to find out how REBOL would solve the problems I was used to, and I kept looking for "REBOL ways" that were similar to the "ways" I was used to, just so I could have some firm ground to stand on while I was learning things. All that self-imposed mental framework was, I think, a big block to learning.

REBOL does NOT work well for all problems. For example, if you have been exposed to COBOL, COBOL is very good for problems involving large data files with fixed-length fixed-format records, and for printing. If you search REBOL expecting to find source-language statements related to large files fixed-format fixed-length records, you won't find them. Printing is hard. If you look for how REBOL declares variables, you won't find it. If you try to look for things in REBOL that are like things in other languages, that can hinder you. Some of those things you see in other languages have been left out of REBOL deliberately.

Re-read the general information about REBOL on the REBOL web site and reflect on it now and then. It is for small network applications. Does that mean bigger ones are a bit harder to do? It is designed to make simple things simple and harder things possible. Does that mean that harder things might not be so simple?

You have to keep an open mind with REBOL.

The page is very good.

3-Jan-2014 6:56:54
I appreciate the suggestions and will work through them.

I almost broke down and asked for a hint from you guys, last night, when I tried to run tutorial examples and kept running into things like "** Script Error: view has no value". I finally figured out I was running the CORE instead of VIEW version of the interpreter. Is REBOL extensible like Forth? If I run into something like this again, is there a repository of extension functions (or would you call that a 'dialect')?

Also, Steven White said "REBOL does NOT work well for all problems." Has anyone written up a map or overview of domains where REBOL does seem to work well with, vs. adequately, vs. poorly? Or is this, generally, an issue where poorly might become well once someone writes a new 'dialect'?

Thanks for any guidance. I'll try to move more questions over to one of the more appropriate forums but hate to pass on the opportunity to ask people who are so helpful rather than posting somewhere else and just hoping such helpful people show up.

P.S., If you guys are any example, the REBOL community seems awesome!!! Please let me know if there are periodic meetups/conventions of any sort.:-)

Steven White
3-Jan-2014 9:39:14
The REBOL group is the friendliest group I have run into on the internet.
7-Jan-2014 4:03:48
REBOL/IOS was nice but I it was too closed. I remember every the reblet scripts were encrypted. altme user interface was just not very good. In my opinion, none of these tools worked very well for private communications.
8-Jan-2014 3:07:12
Altme. Nat traversal? It has been a while, but if I recall, one big problem was getting through the router or firewall. I can't recall any Nat traversal methods in the REBOL literature either. I wonder about this even today, for a communication orientated language, for the general user type?
Dan Kokenge
18-Jan-2014 12:41:54
I have written a winery management system. I have just started to learn REBOL and will be converting it to REBOL as soon as I'm good enough. It looks like REBOL can handle it.. It's a web app and somewhat complex.

Check it out at

18-Jan-2014 13:17:25
Interesting. If its an open source program, maybe consider opening it up to contributions from the Rebol community. Or have a page where problems/issues could be posted and solutions offered, allowing some participation but keeping the actual code closed (or open).
Odd Links
22-Jan-2014 1:22:17
I joined LinkedIn a while back for reasons I can't remember, and I've not used it and have a profile that's very locked down. Despite that, the name of someone I'd exchanged a mere 8 emails with 7 years ago recently appeared in the "People You May Know" list they send out. My guess is the guy had given them his contacts list, as I doubt he would've actively sought me out. Still, it is a bit spooky in that way...
8-Oct-2014 3:39:19
LinkedIn is evil. They have more than once, I've confirmed, written an e-mail to a friend of mine, and to me, telling us that we've added each other, when neither of us had done any such thing. Liars. If they have any market presence, it's only because of this! Stay away.

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