Comments on: Let's switch to .reb suffix
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Comments on: Let's switch to .reb suffix

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
18-Aug-2013 4:00 GMT

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We've talked about this a few times before. Using .r creates confusion between Rebol and other software (and even in editor syntax coloring rules.) Using .r3 implies too much.

Seems like .reb is about right.

(And no, I don't want to use .rebol -- just a bit too much.)



19-Aug-2013 0:36:50

It just occured to me yesterday too, during making a tea... It's time to make such a decision. .red .reds .reb vs .r .rb ... it's a bit close to .rb but whatever :)

Carl Sassenrath
19-Aug-2013 7:58:20
Yep, some of this has been dragging out too long. Time to get it done and move on to the next thing.
20-Aug-2013 7:39:59
Go for it!
20-Aug-2013 7:44:22
Good idea.
Giuseppe Chillemi
20-Aug-2013 8:23:10
Go for .reb

20-Aug-2013 20:09:57
Ah, the wheels of progress... :)

As a data point: in the wake of the ".r" problems, I've been using ".rebol" for a while. I supported it initially because it's obvious, literate, not competing with anything else. And long file extensions are increasingly common in modern frameworks...usually hidden behind a GUI that uses file associations for launching and hides them.

But it does get a bit wordy in systems that do not hide file extensions. And there seems to be precedent in that the search rank on ".reb" indicates that's owned by Rebol files. No known relevant contention for it, and I myself have found ".rebol" cumbersome, so...

In the interest of standardizing, ".reb" looks like the best choice for files in syntax highlighting packages and official/sanctioned distributions (the interpreter source, or wherever). If people have other extensions in their own projects they can customize around it as they wish, as they've been having to do already for a while...

To all Rebots
25-Sep-2013 17:11:01
One year wasted to decide to change .r to .reb ???

How long to decide to change from .reb to .rip ???

15-Oct-2013 5:44:53
.reb for .r3 and leave .r for R2 and before?

3-Nov-2013 21:59:30
From my limited point of view, it seems
the .RIP extension better represents the
future. Too bad, REBOL is (was?) really
8-Nov-2013 15:33:26
nope r it is and r it will be. Never mind the bullocks.
18-Nov-2013 4:48:01
.reb is fine with me!!!
18-Nov-2013 13:32:46
Will the static files REBOL.R and USER.R remain unchanged, or will rebol also accept REBOL.REB and/or USER.REB? Just something to consider.
18-Feb-2014 23:04:19
It's a great idea!

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