Comments on: Home Automation With Insteon - ReCode conference video
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Comments on: Home Automation With Insteon - ReCode conference video

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
17-Aug-2013 20:59 GMT

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Here's a link to a video of my presentation at the 2013 ReCode Conference where I show how easy it is to program Insteon home controllers using Rebol 3.

Rebol Home Automation With Insteon

The slides can also be viewed here: Rebol 3 for Home Control

Thanks go to Hostile Fork for the professional editing job, and also thanks to Maxim and Bo for cameras and recording.



18-Aug-2013 21:38:42
Thanks to Rebol for making my camera possible. :-)
5-Sep-2013 0:49:19
The "Rebol 3 for Home Control" link to slides is not working. Is this a typo in the link or a problem on the Recode website ?
Mark Ingram
6-Mar-2014 9:17:57
I would also like to see the slides. Please help, somebody!
16-Jul-2015 4:29:36
The video disappeared on YouTube, and Google didn't send a notice as to why...nor reply to an inquiry about it when I pushed the "Help" button.

(I was impressed with the feature that came up for reporting problems on YouTube. You could highlight parts of the screen to tell them what's wrong, and it gathered all the information. I'm less impressed--as usual--with the fact no one replied. A very fancy telephone serves little use when no one answers. See also: the THX 1138 "Jesus Booth" scene.)

In any case, I uploaded it again:

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