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REBOL Technologies

Comments on: Rebuilding

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
20-Jul-2013 0:35 GMT

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This posting provides a simple way to coordinate and post announcements for the reworking of

See Repurposing the rebol domains for the general idea.

Note: has always been run as an independent site. Although I helped kick it off, a few energetic folks took it from there. I don't have any ownership over it, but those who run it certainly do. Before anything can be done, it's necessary to coordinate and get the approval and buy-in with the current administrators and operators of the site.



Carl Sassenrath
20-Jul-2013 17:52:06
Todo #1: We need a list of those who are still involved in running I think the list is fairly small at this point.

Todo #2: Build a list of those who want to be involved with the new

Todo #3: The second group needs to ask the first group for permission to proceed. If there are any issues, they'll need to be resolved with that group before moving forward.

Gregg Irwin
21-Jul-2013 11:46:27
Sunanda has been the workhorse for many years, but has been offline due to health issues. Peter Wood and I have access and just watch for problems. We haven't made any updates in a long while.

Peter and I want to make sure Sunanda is notified, not just because he could help in the transition, but because he has put a great deal more time into the current site than anyone else.

21-Jul-2013 17:52:13
Maybe publish a job list rather than a volunteer list, and let people choose a task to attempt.
Gregg Irwin
22-Jul-2013 10:10:19
Peter reached Sunanda, and he will grab a copy of all the current stuff on as a backup. I'm grabbing it as well, right now.

When we do the revamp, I would very much like Sunanda to be credited somewhere, and perhaps a "thank you" in a blog entry from Carl. He has done so much over the years, largely unsung. I think he deserves it, and Peter does as well.

I've asked if he wants to be inovlved in the rewrite, and will let you know what I hear.

Gregg Irwin
25-Jul-2013 12:20:39
I connected with Sunanda, and he is happy to have the new team re-energize He will answer questions about the old site if needed, as time and his health allow, but doesn't care to be involved in the day-to-day operations or redesign.

We have permission to proceed.

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