Comments on: Rebuilding
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: Rebuilding

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
20-Jul-2013 0:25 GMT

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This posting provides a simple way to coordinate on the rebuild of

See Repurposing the rebol domains for the general idea.



Carl Sassenrath
20-Jul-2013 21:40:41
Beginning shutdown. The following AltME world servers have been terminated:


I don't see any recent activity. Users can refer to local AltME archives.

Carl Sassenrath
20-Jul-2013 22:15:44
Terminating devbase server. R3 chat and the R3 mobile webpage will be offline until the service gets restored.

Users can refer to local storage for all their messages and files.

Carl Sassenrath
20-Jul-2013 22:52:05
Terminating rebol/ios server for "lib" library development and staging. I don't know if this will create any problems for Gregg and Peter, let me know. It's possible to bring it up on a different sever.

Removing cvs source control archives. I don't think these have been used by anyone for a while.

Carl Sassenrath
21-Jul-2013 9:49:58
Shut down mediawiki server. This wiki has a number of useful pages that need to be moved to another system. I backed up the mysql database and other related files, but it's not entirely clear how that wiki would resume. In moving to another form, although the content can be saved, the revision history gets lost.
Carl Sassenrath
21-Jul-2013 9:54:45
Backed up all the web related pages, including the main pages and extensive R2 build archive, rebol cookbook, blogs, altweb, rambo (older bug system).

At this point I'm reasonably sure I've got everything gathered together. It's a lot like moving your house and putting everything in boxes and then into a big storage van for transport.

Carl Sassenrath
21-Jul-2013 18:02:35 server is live and several volunteer admins are getting it setup. The name will change once it's ready to replace existing www server.

There will be a number of issues to resolve -- like what to do with all of the existing content, a lot of which is quite useful. Suggestions appreciated on that.

Peter Wood
22-Jul-2013 15:34:09
I have an up to date backup of the IOS "lib" files so I don't think there will be any need for you to bring it back up.
5-Aug-2013 7:29:45
Carl, I'd be happy to help with the DNS infrastructure for

Not sure how to best communicate to coordinate on that, but you have my email (and can also reach me on SO chat or AltME).

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