Comments on: Repurposing the rebol domains
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: Repurposing the rebol domains

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
20-Jul-2013 23:37 GMT

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One of the subjects discussed at the Montreal ReCode conference was rejuvenating and repurposing the rebol.* domains. Brian D (aka hostilefork) pitched the main concept during his session, and the discussion continued later that afternoon.

Let me see if I can boil down the general idea, as I understand it, of how the three main rebol domains would be set up:

  • gets expanded as community storage for downloads, programs, modules, help-files, examples, notes, documentation, etc. The look and feel of the site would be reworked, and perhaps the whole thing could be driven by Chris RG's QuarterMaster system. Subdomains would be created for special functions, like,,, you get the idea.
  • would be completely overhauled to become the communication and connection hub for the community. Subdomains would be created for websites and projects, and they would point to various websites. For example, someone might have their own website for Rebol-based webcam software and could make point to it. The main page of the site would aggregate announcements, news feeds, blog postings, starred forum postings, whatever.
  • remains for REBOL Technologies. The suggestion was to rework the home page as a landing page to redirect to the other main sites. In addition, the existing content of the site would remain intact (for a variety of reasons, not to mention search engine ranking.) We'll have to see how this goes, and a lot will depend on how much happens with the above websites and domains.

Overall, it seems like a pretty good plan, but it's certainly a nontrivial amount of work, and most of the elbow grease will need to come from the Rebol community.

I'm fine with providing the cloud servers, updating the domain name servers, and transferring some of the existing content (like moving some of the pages to the new server.) The web-sites and their code will need to come from you. Hopefully, Rebol will be used for a lot of it, and we can fill in with other systems where necessary.

When to begin? How about right now.

How to communicate? I'd like to use the comment part of this blog to get organized, post announcements, ask for help, and make suggestions. Everyone can access it, and it is viewable from almost any web-enabled device. Certainly the community can use whatever other forums are available for discussion, but I won't have time to track most of those.

In addition, I'll be setting up separate blog articles for the separate domains -- because each has different issues and we don't want the threads to get mixed-up.

So, here we go...



Carl Sassenrath
20-Jul-2013 18:07:35
OneTom askes: is it a good idea if you are the one who is running the cloud servers? wouldn't it put too much admin responsibilities on you?

My answer: I won't have much involvement. I'll get the server stocked with the Linux kernel plus sshd and started (that's just a button click for cloud servers).

If the server eventually needs to be upscaled, that's just another button click, but since it takes money from my wallet each month, I'll need to be the one who presses that button. But, no worries, I think it will take some time to get to that point.

Gregg Irwin
21-Jul-2013 11:50:56
Carl, your summary looks accurate to me. Not sure how blog comments will scale. It's non-interactive model will keep the chat down, which may be good or bad.

I'm fine with Carl/RT still "owning" the cloud servers, but would like a couple other people to be able to admin, restart, etc. (though not upgrade). OTOH, I'm also fine with the community owning them and taking on the financial obligation.

Carl Sassenrath
21-Jul-2013 15:04:30
Gregg, thanks for the note. Actually, the fact that the blog comments aren't interactive serves a purpose: I can keep up with them. I won't be able to track with the forums closely (especially StackOverflow which is just a continuous scrolling message stream.)

I like the idea of community ownership, but I'm not sure really what that means because it usually comes down to a very small group, even a single person. Things often start out with good intentions and high energy, but it dwindles away. Most people don't realize how much work is involved. (I know that you are an exception.)

If the community wants to completely take on the .org and .net servers and services, I'm good with that.

This weekend I've been focused on because I think BrianD has a good vision for that, and I'd like to do whatever I can to get it rolling and then get out of the way.

21-Jul-2013 17:57:50
From time to time there have been some tedious posts here. Would a call for volunteer moderators be useful? A rotating term of say 1 month or so perhaps? A daily review would enable the striking out of unhelpful comment. Authors could appeal to another moderator if they chose to.
Gregg Irwin
22-Jul-2013 10:15:41
If a few people can commit to basic monitoring and admin duties, I think that's doable. The larger work, like filtering spam in forums, needs more hands.

I'm trying not to over-commit, myself, but I'll do what I can.

Gregg Irwin
22-Jul-2013 10:18
And, certainly, the more we can do with REBOL tools, making things easy and more fun for us, the better.
23-Jul-2013 1:55:05
I like the "voting" system to mark as spam posts on this blog.

I don't know if it's enough like it his today, but maybe if we let reader mark the post as spam when he consider it is and just remove them when the counter reach a significant amount is enough. It need to rely on IP addresses and maybe time to not let one guy mark it quickly several times, but anyway it would be a kind of "social" feature.

26-Jul-2013 2:43:24
Is it just me or does this look like things aren't going too well at Roku?...



1-Aug-2013 12:47:12
it would be a very good thing if there where a generic R3 RSS script/stand alone app that works with today's arm cortex port and all the different blog posts and comments where advertised in this central place to be picked up as people wish to stay informed, simple but effective as it should be.

and OC a separate tool to submit any new rebol related web pages to that central location for inflation by the Admins when they are auto notified in that reserved Rss Feed request, these tools preferably included in all R3 ports for tablets etc as using the play store means more hassle and time wasted there.

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