Comments on: How to find Rebol 3 scripts?
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Comments on: How to find Rebol 3 scripts?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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7-Jul-2013 19:48 GMT

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It's been pointed out that R3 and R2 scripts tend to get mixed together.

Of course, R3 scripts should include the version in the header to make it clear that R3 is required, so that's an easy way to differentiate them. Some authors also use different filename suffix, which comes in handy.

That aside, is there an easy way to search for R3 scripts? I poked around on, but it wasn't obvious how to filter out R2 scripts from queries. (It's possible I missed a checkbox or something.)

Specifically, I'm looking for a micro-webserver written in R3. Johnk @ stackoverflow tracked one down and posted a link here on stackoverflow.



10-Jul-2013 22:41:11
We're trying to encourage the use of the %.r3 suffix to distinguish Rebol 3 scripts. One of the advantages of this is that Githuh will then recognize the script for syntax highlighting as a Rebol script vs a R script.
18-Jul-2013 17:06:47
that topic was discussed alot back in the days when you were planning r3.

since r3 is limited to core and since not tons of folks use on everyday basis parse or r3 specific new stuffs (which are still to fully and clearly determine... for example trace... you probably spend a ton of time writing it and the result is great but still noone use it I bet on that...) It is normal to mixe r2 script and r3 script and it is mostly the best way to know what is new what is broken and what isn t implemented no?

Since the guru is gone and the beleivers are gone you can t blame them to try to make their own brand of the cult.

19-Aug-2013 1:20:07
The Let's switch to .reb suffix article at will help settling this question hopefully.

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