Comments on: ReCode 2013 - Rebol/Red Developers Conference - Montreal, CA
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Comments on: ReCode 2013 - Rebol/Red Developers Conference - Montreal, CA

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
27-May-2013 23:37 GMT

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It's time to plan your summer vacation. Why not attend...

  • What: ReCode 2013 - A Rebol/Red DevCon
  • Date: July 12 to 14, 2013
  • City: Montreal, Canada
  • Website:
  • Sponsors: Coginov and Respectech
  • Other Events: Same time as "just for laughs" comedy festival, which is a cool family event. Maybe the DevCon group can take an evening at that.

Still looking for the precise details -- please post relevant info here in comment section, and I'll add it to this page.

Cindy and I have our tickets booked. This is our first visit to the area, and we plan to tour around a bit in Montreal and Quebec City.

I've got an idea for a presentation/workshop I'd like to do... not about Rebol internals actually, but a little program I'd like to write.

I hope you can make it!



27-May-2013 19:18:56
Great news to hear you confirmed! Like yourself, we're all waiting with bated breath for the precise details...

I hope the conference can be a place where formal agreements can be made on Rebol Technologies' interests, a community consortium's interests, and the shared roadmap for Rebol and Red. We've got a lot of pieces of the puzzle ready to nail into place...and much of what's holding them back is just needing consensus.

...and thanks for joining the StackOverflow chat (and answering questions, too!!)

Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
27-May-2013 20:33:34
the web site will be made public within 2-3 days. {Part of the registration process will allow you to give a lot of details in advance, so we can better tailor the event in order to make it as useful as possible.
Carl Read
28-May-2013 2:32:17
Hmm. I assume they checked before deciding on a name? (Search for 'ReCon Montreal'...)
28-May-2013 3:05:33
I like the logo. And I don't mind, if it overlaps with something else, as Recons can happen in other towns too ...
Bo Lechnowsky
28-May-2013 18:06:41
Actually, it is now called "ReCode". The logo above is an old one. The new ReCode website should be up very soon (just some last minute bug fixes). I'll try to post a link here when it is.
Carl Read
28-May-2013 23:43:12
'ReCode's better all round! I do like the ReCon logo though. Hope it hasn't changed too much.
Ryan Cole
29-May-2013 16:31:58
Looks like I'll miss this one. Maybe next year guys.
30-May-2013 0:53:51
When you set up the webpage, let me know and I'll post on blogs: my email is angerangel(at)
31-May-2013 2:06:11
Here's the website from Maxim:
1-Jun-2013 20:14:40
For hardened coders living in garrets and possibly on cheap wine and bread alone, the cost of attending international conferences is an issue.

A method to encourage speakers to attend would be useful. Speakers could be paid, some usually are in many conferences. A fund could be established, to be distributed equally among speakers perhaps. Don't know what plan might be best there.

I note that provides a reasonable service. Perhaps an account might be set up in Montreal, held by some trustworthy person (with a job at least), perhaps say, C.S.! From the account monies could be distributed to speakers or whatever, lunch maybe, depending on the amount received.

Although I cannot likely attend I would be willing to support the conference with a small monetary contribution. If 1,000 rebolers put in about $10, that should cover some expenses. Kind of like a digital passing of the hat, a.k.a. "a whip around".

Carl Sassenrath
1-Jun-2013 20:45:47
Updated this page with latest info and link to the official site. ((at)Max/Pierre: nice webpages for the conference!)

Still looking for a link to new graphics logo.

1-Jun-2013 22:30:19
Carl, not sure Max will settle for the graphic currently in place—it's a not-exactly-similar rendering of his mockup using only Google Web Fonts. Anyway, that said—



Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
2-Jun-2013 20:46:28
Thanks Chris, yes those are the official logos. I decided to go for a funnier typography and overall design. This conference, is all about putting the drive and fun back into this community.

Its also about the passing the torch from Carl to the community, which is slowly starting to organize and fly on its own wings.

Some pretty cool things should be shown, and some amazing people are coming in.

Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
2-Jun-2013 21:34:24
Bill, I hear you and really understand. We have successfully funded The trip for DocKimble which is the author of Red, so that is a big deal already :-)

Unfortunately, the active and visible community, currently is smallish, though its starting to get alive again, which is nice.

As you said, its hard to participate in events which force you to spend some sizable amount of money, but we specifically chose this date because there is a lot of things going on in Montreal at that time, and many are using it as vacation with their families as well.

I wish we had thousands of users that would contribute a few bucks over and over, but I doubt we'd be able to fund even another one or two speakers.

You did make me think that we could have an open channel for people to contribute money for speakers, giving them a little bit of cash back... I'll look into this with the team.

19-Jun-2013 10:45:41
what is the goal of that conference ?

I mean ofcourse apart a pretencious selfcongratulation about nothing and the nothingness of the empty void?

but yeah we have r3gui for android yeepi! We have it right no?

25-Jun-2013 18:02:32
Hey Carl just so you know, there are vineyards about an hour south of Montréal. Just thought you might be curious to learn how they managed that at our latitude. Here is a link to the pioneers who started it all:

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