Comments on: Another way to access/submit REBOL source code
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Comments on: Another way to access/submit REBOL source code

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
13-Dec-2012 3:36 GMT

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As you may know, REBOL 3.0 source code was released on 12-12-12.

The master source archive is where you can browse and download the lastest sources and user contributions. I'd really like to encourage you to use github for your submissions. You can access it with a git client program or directly via the github website.

However, I realize you might have just a single line or two of source changes, and you just want to get it to us with no extra fuss. I want to make that easy. I realize not everyone has time or interest to learn git - especially if you only contribute a line or two from time to time.

So, to make it trivial to contribute, we'll publish a web page on where you can download the source archive and also post simple changes. We'll make it as simple as posting comments to this blog. You can submit a few text lines or an entire file.

Then, the R3 team can review your submission and get it merged.

  1. If it's a simple change, like fixing typos, it's possible it will get added right away.
  2. If it's a complicated submission, we'll add it to a special development branch for review and evaluation.
  3. If for some reason we don't use your submission, we'll post a note as to why we didn't use it.

Until that web page is available, please use github, and if you cannot access it (for some reason), send your change to someone who can.

Thanks in advance for contributing to R3.



13-Dec-2012 22:57:05
Good idea! I want to stay close to REBOL, not much interested in github (yet!)
13-Dec-2012 23:53:50
This makes a whole lot of sense!

Great for people like me that don't git it ;)

15-Dec-2012 11:55
In case people weren't already aware, simple changes to files can be made in GitHub through online editing:

It's really not very many clicks to get there. :-)

Arie van Wingerden
12-Jan-2013 5:06:38
Will the binaries for each platform come available in some central place? Where?
14-Jan-2013 3:41:41
Here is a unoffical builds repository that is available since a few days :

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