Comments on: R3 Source Code Released!
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: R3 Source Code Released!

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
12-Dec-2012 10:33 GMT

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You probably thought the source release would never happen? Am I right?

Well, it's there now in github at This is preliminary. Once I know some of you have built it successfully, I'll make a more public announcement and add a tarball for download from

I'll check in here for a several minutes every night to respond to any questions.

Let's see what happens... Who will be the first to port it to Android?




Giuseppe Chillemi
12-Dec-2012 2:49:44
Great ! The whole world will change thanks to this action. Carl, thank you for everything!
12-Dec-2012 3:05:33
Great! Thank you!
12-Dec-2012 3:06:49
Extremely grateful for Carl! We see Brighter tomorrow to Rebol!


Douglas Vos
12-Dec-2012 3:19:07
Wow! 12-Dec-2012
Douglas Vos
12-Dec-2012 3:20:35
Thank-you Carl. Awesome!
12-Dec-2012 3:30:34
thx carl, let the games begin!
12-Dec-2012 3:59:44
Thank you!
12-Dec-2012 4:10:29
my progess (OSX 10.8.2):

  1. git clone r3
  2. download r3
  3. rename r3 -> /make/r3-make
  4. renamed subdir obj -> objs (otherwise fails)
  5. $ make
  6. ./r3

REBOL Host Failure:
Incompatible struct alignment

12-Dec-2012 4:40:46
Thanks Mr. Carl Sassenrath!
Live long and prosper REBOL!
12-Dec-2012 5:48:23
FANTASTIC - Thank you!
12-Dec-2012 5:52:31
Steven White
12-Dec-2012 6:15:53
Thank you.

I myself won't be able to do much with it, but I am going in for C training in January, so I am going to download R3 and see what master-level C looks like.

I'll vote +1 for getting it on an Android tablet, and for making it work a bit better on Macintosh (which I have at home).

12-Dec-2012 6:25:58
Thanks a lot Carl! Great news!
12-Dec-2012 6:42:01
Hi Carl, you can also do a kickstarter with it. ;-)
12-Dec-2012 6:48:54
Fantastic - just wait 'til I get home! Thanks Carl, it's a lovely Christmas present.
12-Dec-2012 7:13:24
This is great news - thanks Carl.

Wish I could program in C... Maybe this will get me dipping a toe in the water. But in terms of Rebol itself, in my view this public release completely de-risks adoption of Rebol. No excuse now to program in Perl or Java ;-)

12-Dec-2012 7:27:24
although I am studying & using Haskell right now, Thanks for your source release! I heard that Rebol is a Great language, and maybe it will be my next language.
12-Dec-2012 7:53:52
Thanks Carl. We all appreciate it. And please thank any people with whom you may have struggled with to allow it. Take care.
12-Dec-2012 8:08:45
I notice that the Git repository is not configured for "issues", i.e. bugs, wishes, documentation matters, and anything that the community has found that needs attention. The issues reside in Curecode for the moment, where they are called tickets. Should the community not look (afresh) at those tickets in connection with the source, and should it not be more practical if these tickets (or at least those that are considered urgent) were handled as issues in Git?
12-Dec-2012 8:20:08
I had to make 2 changes to compile on OSX. 1) the name change in make of 'obj' to 'objs', as others noted. 2) add '-m32' to the definition of 'CC', since Xcode assumes 64-bit.

After that, it compiled and ran fine…

Thanks, Carl!!

Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
12-Dec-2012 8:43:25
And they say today is supposed to be the end of the world.

not for REBOL at least

Thanks A LOT for this Carl, now I can implement dataflow right in the kernel and add my 20 million node/second allocation engine to it.

12-Dec-2012 9:44:29
Thanks, Carl - I'm looking forward to checking things out.

Will you be making the R3 chat source (CLI client and back end) available under the same license any time soon? It would be great to be able to hack on those too.

12-Dec-2012 9:55:43
Long live the REBOLution! I'm going to try to port to Raspberry Pi in the next few days if someone doesn't beat me to it. (I'd be OK if someone beat me to it.) :-)
Brian Hawley
12-Dec-2012 10:21:53
Huzzah! Sent the first pull request for a mezzanine bug. Enjoy!
12-Dec-2012 11:08:03
I noticed that makefile had the system set for Linux.
I changed TO_OS to TO_OSXI and the OS_ID to 0.2.5.
After re-making, r3, now identifies itself correctly.
Brian Hawley
12-Dec-2012 11:17:49
Dangit, there's no .gitattributes file there so line endings are getting changed for some files on pull. I want to add one but the line ending changes are getting detected as changed files. I'm going to have to add this to my pull request.
12-Dec-2012 14:50:55
Thank you Carl for open sourcing and for your dedication to Rebol for so many years. Hopefully i'll learn a little more and attempt to create a plug-in for browsers.
12-Dec-2012 15:21:02
Thank you!
12-Dec-2012 15:27:26
mee too ;)
12-Dec-2012 16:14:39
Hurray! Thanks a million, Carl, and congratulations!

Builds fine (with objs/, and -m32) on Linux 3.6.6 x86_64:

$ ./r3 --do 'print system/version'
12-Dec-2012 16:28:11
Great work Carl! Many thanks for the release!

After some fiddling with the make and sources I managed to compile dll, host exe and standalone exe under Windows7 with Code::Blocks+mingw32 installed: Thread model: win32 gcc version 4.4.1 (TDM-2 mingw32)

If anyone is interested I can publish the changes on my github account...

12-Dec-2012 16:29:29
Wow, that was quick and easy. I pretty much followed the steps above outlined by TBD and I now have a working r3 (on linux). The only difference was that I created an objs directory to resolve the "can't create ..." error.
Brian Hawley
12-Dec-2012 16:45:27
Cyphre, please publish those changes to github where we can use them.
12-Dec-2012 17:19:10
Brian, I have not much time at the moment so reposting from AltME:

here is my quickly patched R3 source zip archive:

(sorry I have no time to play with GitHub at the moment ;)) Just unzip and from make/ dir type MAKE ALL...result is in release/ dir This is just a quick patch to get Windows devs going, it is definitely not for merge with the original at the moment...still lot of things to improve, but it builds. If you have installed standard Code:Blocks+MinGW and have paths set to the gcc executables it should work. Of course use at your own risk :)

12-Dec-2012 17:21:41
christmas came early this year! :) eternal gratitude - as we say in hungarian.
Guoliang Cao
12-Dec-2012 18:33:18
Thank you. I'll check it out soon.
12-Dec-2012 19:35:29
it's great
Gregg Irwin
12-Dec-2012 19:40:30
Thank you Carl!
12-Dec-2012 20:30:15
The Mayans were apparently dyslexic, the spiritual upgrade wasn't 21-Dec-2012, it was 12-Dec-2012.

Tomorrow I will stop hyperventilating and build it. Thank you, Carl: the world needs this--they just don't know it, yet. But you've untied the hands of evangelists...the masses just might start to listen. The next big barrier is marketing/web presence/etc so we should work on that. You've given freely of the code but I also have given freely of design:

I really believe something can build out from that. And congratulations to BrianH for the symbolic first pull request. Welcome to the new b'ak'tun.

12-Dec-2012 20:33:18
The Mayans were apparently dyslexic, the spiritual upgrade wasn't 21-Dec-2012, it was 12-Dec-2012.

Tomorrow I will stop hyperventilating and build it. Thank you, Carl: the world needs this--they just don't know it, yet. But you've untied the hands of evangelists...the masses just might start to listen. The next big barrier is marketing/web presence/etc so we should work on that. You've given freely of the code but I also have given freely of design:

I really believe something can build out from that. And congratulations to BrianH for the symbolic first pull request. Welcome to the new b'ak'tun.

12-Dec-2012 20:35:33
Hum, it told me I had too many web links and wouldn't post... so I changed the link...then it posted and apparently it *did* post before. Oh well. If people see the picture it's good, because it's a good picture...I worked hard on that. :-)
Carl Read
12-Dec-2012 21:02:05
Thank you Carl.

"A roadmap of where I'd like to see R3 go..."

I think you'll appreciate the freedom of not having to also build the road.

12-Dec-2012 21:50:18
Thank you Carl!


12-Dec-2012 22:11:52
There are several bugs in the build process, most of which have already been mentioned here, but I got it to work on both Syllable Desktop and Syllable Server.
13-Dec-2012 1:12:17
We need to thank you twelve times for this OS release.

More than twelve years of labor, gracefully given to the masses.

Hope we will be thinking big changes twelve times or more before doing it.

Thanks you Carl, and to all, don't forget to "KISS" !!

13-Dec-2012 1:23:38
Thank you very much Carl ! A great day !

By the way, is it possible to have a status on R3 implementation after this source releasing ? In a word, where are we on networking, proxy support, protocols, database access, files handling, modules, parsing, concurrency support / multi-tasking, OS supported, GUI,... (percentage of completion based on target) ? What's missing on these different topics ?


Carl Sassenrath
13-Dec-2012 1:55:29
You're welcome. Glad you got it running! I expect great things to happen.

I can't believe I misnamed the objs dir. Murphy's law. Probably should just add a mkdir in the makefile.

Let's figure out how best to push fixes back up to github.

13-Dec-2012 2:07:45
FYI I slightly improved the Windows MinGW fork. Now unicode works well. Also the specific make file is now separated into makefile.win32
To compile it:
1. CD to make/ dir
2. make -f makefile.win32 all
3. check release/ dir for the results

13-Dec-2012 2:09:10
The MinGW for is still available at
Carl Sassenrath
13-Dec-2012 2:32:10
First R3 update is now available from github.

1. Added make-make method. This generates a new makefile for any target platform. Example

carl.ub10:~/r3/make$ make make
./r3-make -qs ../src/tools/make-make.r 0.4.4
Option set for building: 0.4.4 linux
Created: ../../make/makefile

To create a makefile for a different system, such as Mac OSX Intel:

carl(at)ub10:~/r3/make$ r3 ../src/tools/make-make.r 0.2.5
Option set for building: 0.2.5 osxi
Created: ../../make/makefile

2. Fixed obj dir problem. Never ran into this before because make make also creates objs dir. Removed bogus obj dir from github. You should too, otherwise confusion will continue for years to come. Also, for new users who just run the make (before make make), I added a mkdir.

Note, I did not add -m32 yet. We should talk about if that should be the default lib or not. It can also be OS dependent - see src/tools/systems.r file for examples.

Lennart Fridén
13-Dec-2012 3:05:08
A word of friendly advice: if you really want people outside of the REBOL community to get into this, you should all use Github to its full potential.

Take some time to learn about forking, making pull requests, tracking issues, using the wiki for documentation and discussion etc.

Andre Alves Garzia
13-Dec-2012 5:43:34
I haven't followed REBOL 3 close but I was a heavy user of previous versions. Is "REBOL The Official Guide" still a good reference or did the core language changed too much?
13-Dec-2012 6:00:49
Maybe Github could be friendlier to the community, not demanding Snow Leopard on Mac first and when you upgrade, drop that support as well and demand Lion as minimum.

A git of a problem.

But first thing first :-) Thank you Carl for open sourcing R3!

No, I hadn't expected this this year, hoping for the better wineyear 2013 ;-)

13-Dec-2012 6:15:37
(at)Sassenrath: Thank you.

(at)Fork: That's a great logo, looks like a tablet a machine would swallow. And I think this release is the medicine they need.

Waiting for the Schemes and GUI to get up to speed...



13-Dec-2012 6:32:46

Thanks a few million times, Mr Carl. A great gift to Humanity.

forever [print "MERCI!"]

Now, time to build, evangelize, try, use, improve, etc. Retroussons-nous les manches!

À+ Pierre

Delian Angelov
13-Dec-2012 6:45:48
(at)Carl Sassenrath: Thank you very much. What a wonderful christmas present for the whole REBOL community !
Brian Hawley
13-Dec-2012 8:52:57
Note for Github for Windows users:

When GfW clones a project to a local repository, it does so with a directory with the same name as the project. If you don't have direct committer rights to the original project, or if you want to do your own experiments, the proper way is to fork the project on Github to your own project, and then send pull requests when you want Carl to incorporate your changes, as I did yesterday. For git forks are expected and normal, not a social problem.

However, when you fork a project it, by default, creates another project under your account with the same name as the original. If you want to have GfW clone both your project and the original to local repositories, it tries to clone both to the same directory, causing a conflict. There in no way to resolve the conflict within the GfW app.

An easy solution to this, however, is to rename your fork project. Then, when you clone it locally, it goes in a directory of a new name. That is why I had to rename my fork from r3 to r3-bh. This allows me to work on both projects locally.

Also, it is critical that a .gitattributes file be added to the project for the * text=auto directive, or else all of commits from Windows users will mess up the line endings. Carl, please add that file to the project ASAP. The default file from Github would be fine, and it's part of my pull request.

Carl Sassenrath
13-Dec-2012 11:02:35
Those changes have been merged. Thanks Brian and Jussi.

Good catch on the line endings, Brian. It would get crazy very quickly.

If someone writes up a short git tutorial for R3, I will post it for other people to read. Showing the steps specific to r3 source would be great. (There are other tutorials for git in general, and we can just post links to those.)

13-Dec-2012 12:16:44
Youpi! :-D

The r3 running right now was built on my little machine a few seconds ago.

It was quite easy, actually. If no one has already done it, I'll try to quickly summarize a mini-tuto on gitting a free/libre rebol. I'll send it to you by private mail, Carl. Then you'll have to correct my broken English, I'm afraid.

13-Dec-2012 14:05:11
Ok, I got it to compile but due to something(and I'm not sure what yet) the compile kept complaining about "objs" already existing, I had to go through a couple of iterations before I figured out that I had to remove it right before I did the final make.

That said, it compiled with no other issues on Linux 32-bit(I've had 64-bit systems for years but 32-bit is far more stable at this point for the apps I'm using).

Thanks a lot for this. I hope to contribute as much as possible in the future.

13-Dec-2012 14:37:28
The objs dir problem fixed. Git an update.
Brian Tiffin
13-Dec-2012 14:38:40

First, a thanks and a Woohoo.

Second, I think you now qualify for a nomination for the user.r rebol Of The Year award 2012 (fifth annual). If you can win a roty, it might help make you famous. At the very least, it'll give you some street cred. [smiley]

13-Dec-2012 14:41:16
Eric, the creation of the objs directory only succeeds once, so the source can't be compiled more than once without reinstalling it.

Further, the all/host target is broken by a reference to a non-existing libr3.lib, apparently only valid on Windows.

Giuseppe Chillemi
13-Dec-2012 15:58:10
To fully understand REBOL Source I would like a lot to see completed.

Could you perform this task after the roadmap ?

13-Dec-2012 16:30:44
Thank you so much! Awesome. Been waiting for this! :-)
13-Dec-2012 16:58:30
This is absolutely amazing. Congratulations to Carl, and al l the rest of them.
13-Dec-2012 18:21:02
The fix worked like a charm. Time to play...
13-Dec-2012 19:36:14
(at)TBD The struct alignment error can be avoided by compiling with -m32 (at least on debian wheezy amd64).
Carl Sassenrath
14-Dec-2012 0:00
The -m32 option has been added to the Linux build. Let's see how compatible it is. It compiled fine here on Ubuntu.
End of world cancelled..
14-Dec-2012 9:56:39
Finally, we know what the Mayan calender was actually referring to...

R3 Open Source.

14-Dec-2012 22:01:12
Official request. Can anyone get R3 running on an iOS device, particularly one with bluetooth 4.0? I won't be able to work on it, myself. Also, we'll need a GUI as soon as possible. Would like to write it into a research grant within the next year.

Carl. I've taken a quick look at the architecture. Truly amazing. So much has been learned since Amiga, the last time I saw your code. I can see many of the roots have grown to maturity. Phenomenal!

Wow! A work of art!

14-Dec-2012 22:54:57
Carl, You did a nice gui development version, and a demo, available until R3 a94. Would it be possible to make it compatible with a101, and release it ? To my opinion, it's a very good starting point for a graphic version of R3.
15-Dec-2012 1:05:18
By the way, thanks for releasing the sources of r3. It compiles seamlessly under ubuntu.
15-Dec-2012 9:50:12
I couldn't find any mention of this but are SDK and Command being open sourced as well in the near future?
15-Dec-2012 11:02:48
Thanks Carl and to the whole Sassenrath family. Their sweat is in this gift to us too. Now trying to see how we can get this as part of intro compsci classes.
15-Dec-2012 16:57:56
I'm probably a masochist because I choose bleeding edge installations more often than not. Just in case any other non-savvy people like me choose AMD64 install of Debian Wheezy (as of, here's some voodoo that allowed the 32-bit Rebol binary to run and the proper includes for the compile:

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
sudo aptitude update
sudo apt-get install ia32-libs 
sudo apt-get install libc6-dev-i386

And it builds, and runs! Now to get rid of that pesky 32-bit architecture dependency...

Well, maybe I shouldn't start with that. :-)

As easy as a build as it might be, I still feel that a torrentable VM with everything lined right up (all the way to being in mid-debug on a breakpoint at the entry to main) would be a nice thing to have.

15-Dec-2012 18:09:42
Is it possible to setup a page like for r3 source? Although the codebase of r3 isn't that huge as linux kernel, it would be very helpful for people without a good cross-platform code navigator.
15-Dec-2012 18:17:52
Fork: you dont even need to install ia32-libs now; by only running the archi add and apting gcc-multilib, compilation worked for me.

This is thanks to the new multiarch system in debian; now ia32libs isn't needed.

16-Dec-2012 9:26:18
To download a tarball of an executable REBOL 3.0 program for the Raspberry PI (build with Raspbian “wheezy” ) take a look at:


pi(at)raspberrypi ~/dev/r $ uname -a Linux raspberrypi 3.2.27+ #250 PREEMPT Thu Oct 18 19:03:02 BST 2012 armv6l GNU/Linux

pi(at)raspberrypi ~/dev/r $ ./r3

>> system/version


>> system/build

== 16-Dec-2012/13:13:11

>> system/product

== core

17-Dec-2012 4:33:41
(at)TGD Cool :)

Is anyone working on Android/iOS?

17-Dec-2012 10:51:41

I don't know if it's possible to build r3 under windows using DOS commands. Today, I've downloaded ZIP from Github, run following commands under Windows Vista, but it fails (using last version of MinGW).

Is it possible to have some advice ? Am I totally wrong ? Thanks.

D:\r3\make>r3 ../src/tools/make-make.r 0.3.1

D:\r3\make>make make r3.exe make[1]: Entering directory `D:/r3/make' gcc ../src/core/a-constants.c -c -DTO_WIN32 -DREB_API -O2 -DUNICODE -I. -I../src/include/ -o objs/a-constants.o In file included from ../src/core/a-constants.c:33:0: ../src/include/sys-core.h:77:26: erreur fatale: tmp-bootdefs.h : No such file or directory compilation terminée. make[1]: *** [objs/a-constants.o] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory `D:/r3/make' make: *** [top] Error 2

R3 version used : >> print system/version

D:\r3\make>make -v GNU Make 3.82 Built for i386-pc-mingw32 Copyright (C) 2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc. License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

D:\r3\make>gcc -v Utilisation des specs internes. COLLECT_GCC=gcc COLLECT_LTO_WRAPPER=d:/mingw/bin/../libexec/gcc/mingw32/4.6.2/lto-wrapper.exe Target: mingw32 Configuré avec: ../gcc-4.6.2/configure --enable-languages=c,c++,ada,fortran,objc,obj-c++ --disable-sjlj-exceptions --with-dwarf2 --enable-shared --enable-libgomp --disable-win32-registry --enable-libstdcxx-debug --enable-version-specific-runtime-libs --build=mingw32 --prefix=/mingw Modèle de thread: win32 gcc version 4.6.2 (GCC)

17-Dec-2012 11:38:19
If you don't specifically use the ALL target:

make all

you have to build the PREP target first:

make prep make

17-Dec-2012 11:39:27
Sigh. The blog doesn't show the line break:

make prep


17-Dec-2012 11:53:15
Thanks Kaj for your help. It gives following error now :
D:\r3\make>make prep
./r3-make -qs >NUL: ../src/tools/make-headers.r
make: *** [prep] Error -1073741790

17-Dec-2012 11:57:45
Do you have r3 installed in the make directory as r3-make as per the instructions?
17-Dec-2012 17:25:35
Would it help to offer a bounty to get a port completed for Android/iOS?
17-Dec-2012 20:36:56
Thomas, the latest source on GitHub now includes a make file for Windows ( You just need to install the free, Express version of Visual Studio to have the build tools available. Then, you can build from the command line with vcbuild.bat.
18-Dec-2012 1:43:54
Kaj, r3-make is just r3 renamed, am I right ? If YES, I have it in 'make' directory. I have version of R3. Didn't want to install Visual Studio just to compile r3. But, if it's necessary...
18-Dec-2012 6:13:11
Yes; I have seen similar errors when compiling on Linux, but that was when I didn't have the configuration right yet. It might help to start over once more, or to try the ALL target:

make all

Tom R
18-Dec-2012 7:18:34
r3 out of github compiles just fine.

When I try to start small gui examples, load-gui bails out with the following error:

>> load-gui
Fetching GUI...
GUI Version: 0.2.1
(Developer test GUI theme)
** User error: "Newer version of R3 required (A70). Type: upgrade"

Trying to upgrade, I'm told I already have the newest version (as expected :-D ).

Is there a way to successfully load the gui code?

18-Dec-2012 7:19:49
(at)TGD: Thanks for beating me to the Raspberry Pi build (no, really)!!
18-Dec-2012 7:23:48
Thomas, people in AltME are saying you should use the MinGW shell.
18-Dec-2012 7:26:01
Tom, load-gui loads an ancient version of the GUI that's long broken. Saphirion is currently integrating their GUI version in the new R3 release.
18-Dec-2012 8:03:16
(at)Kaj: How do I get on the AltME world where these things are being discussed?

I already have AltME installed (we use it at work).

18-Dec-2012 9:07:08
I suppose this procedure for the old REBOL3 world now applies to the REBOL4 world:

18-Dec-2012 9:22:02
Thanks Kaj. I've tried "make all", and I see a command "rm -rf..." (see below). That's not a DOS command. Do I have to use sthing like "Cygwin" ? Has somebody compiled successfully R3 on Windows without using MS Visual Studio ? (just command line) Thanks.
D:\r3\make>make all
make clean
make[1]: Entering directory `D:/r3/make'
process_begin: CreateProcess(NULL, rm -rf objs/, ...) failed.
make (e=2): Le fichier spécifié est introuvable.
make[1]: [clean] Error 2 (ignored)
make[1]: Leaving directory `D:/r3/make'
make prep
make[1]: Entering directory `D:/r3/make'
./r3-make -qs >NUL: ../src/tools/make-headers.r
make[1]: *** [prep] Error -1073741790
make[1]: Leaving directory `D:/r3/make'
make: *** [all] Error 2

OK. I will grab some doc on MinGW shell.

18-Dec-2012 9:29:47
Sorry, I have no experience with MinGW and I'm not using Windows anymore. All I know is that MinGW is supposed to supply Unix commands on Windows, and others report they can build R3 that way.
18-Dec-2012 10:52:47
Kaj, thank you very much. I followed MSYS - MinGW installation procedure on this page to install win32 msys unix-like console (+ MSYS DTK 1.0 as mentioned). I had to put LS= ls" instead of "LS= dir" at the beginning of the makefile because I run "make" in an unix-line console. Finally able to build successfully r3.exe,, host.exe this way.
18-Dec-2012 12:59:21
I need some help! I am missing 4 functions!
Still trying to compile this project, since first day 8(
18-Dec-2012 13:31:03
That's a very odd problem, because if you miss those functions, it's unlikely that any other part of the R3 library is there. It's impossible to say more without knowing what you're trying to do on what system.
18-Dec-2012 15:27:44
(at)Kaj, thanks but it still isn't working. I tried to log into the Rebol-gate world and the Rebol4 world with the username/password of guest, and it said invalid username. I'm trying the mailing list and requesting access on, but don't know if any admins are monitoring those channels. If you can create an account for me, my preferred username is "Bo" and my email address is bo at respectech dot com.
18-Dec-2012 19:04:46
I don't have those privileges, but I've relayed your request.
19-Dec-2012 14:00:56
At last! Compiled it in Windows 7!
MinGW 32bits does the trick.

src/tools/system.r line 26 specifies 'DIR,
but MinGW uses "ls". That's about the only problem.
Click on r3.exe to run, it will crash if run from MinGW shell.

(What failed? Originally MinGW failed... no idea why it works now. Borland C++ 5.5 Free failed, compiler too old. Pelles C 7.0 failed, make utility bug.)

20-Dec-2012 3:06:55
Thank you Carl!!
20-Dec-2012 5:37:43
Let me announce first achievement of bringing R3 to Android OS based devices. I know many of you were waiting for this so long so here is the first test version to download:

Note this is just first raw port showing the interpreter is working. The console input is missing at the moment, but will be probably among first things to add so you can have your beloved /Core on your mobile/tablet.

20-Dec-2012 9:06:21
To start off, I'm offering a matching donation up to $500, to Saphirion, for this work. Their paypal address is reverse {m o c t o d n o i r i h p a s t a s e l a s}
20-Dec-2012 9:59:11
Ho! I am one week late ! I was so pissed that I really plugged off and missed the great news.

Thank you Carl for this release!

20-Dec-2012 10:03:37
(at) Saphirion-> r3/core on a smartphone ? urgh! what is the interrest?

20-Dec-2012 10:11:19
(at) Cyphre.. Can we do things in order like for example give a proper GUI to r3 before thinking to adapt it to android?

and please make the r3/GUI return to r2/VID grace I don t want to ear anymore about GOB ... just stay on the FACE concept! Don t try to over cleaver something that was already pretty and clever!

r2/VID was great all we ever wanted a set of meaning full widgets (rebgui) a bit of more speed for the rendering, better font system, a better selection system, and a tons of bug fix and particularly in the AGG text rendering. Reinventing the wheel and trying to do it cube shaped just because it will look so fresh and new is not a good Idea!

20-Dec-2012 12:44:01
(at)shadwolf - Baby steps. First, I'm sure Cyphre just wanted to let us know the good news. Not necessarily use it as a tool, although I could think of a few things that I would use R3/Core for on my Android phone. Next steps are to get the console fully functional and then add in the GUI components.

Let me say: Congratulations, Cyphre! You are amazing!

20-Dec-2012 13:36:49
(at) Shadwolf: Given all the Open Source rants you've put on misc devs including me when R3 was not open, I thought you will be the first one who'll start actively participating, fixing bugs, porting or at least make small donations, finding sponsors, organizing etc. etc. etc. to help others not to do all the "dirty work" alone...Yeah I'm just joking, I know you well. Should I write more? ;-)

21-Dec-2012 12:08:30
The instructions on Fork's github wiki work great for building the currect r3-master source on Windows using MinGW:

The entire build process, including downloading and installing the MinGW compiler, source and all necessary tools just takes a couple minutes. It's clean and realllllllly easy.

I made a few tiny edits to the Wiki - hope that's ok Fork.

21-Dec-2012 12:36:16
currect -> current
21-Dec-2012 15:30:26
To all RE:wiki ... I really *don't* know what happened. One minute I was editing the main one on the rebol/r3 repository. The next it was enabled on my repository.

It may be that Carl disabled the wiki-ing and it defaults to going to the person who made the last edit? It could just have been a GitHub glitch. And of course, it could have been my karmic wiki powers. :-)

In any case, at least the information wasn't lost. Happy to see it moved back...happy to keep it. Would like to see more pages on the philosophy and plans. I've basically got the gist, so I'm noting some of what I'm finding, here's a start for instance:

I've been looking around at the current OpenSSL and how it might be toggled between a subsetted bundle or a standard link.

what happened to the pag
21-Dec-2012 18:43:16
for some reason, this article is the only article that is wider than my screen. I have to scroll right , left and right to read the blogs.

Please correct the page width.

the other articles are ok, they fit in 1 screen and wrap around so that I don't need to scroll right and left

21-Dec-2012 23:56:04
So I decided I'd try one of Carl's "5-minute" ports, and make a HaikuOS VM to get a build. It was longer than 5 minutes, but I started around 11 and it's not even 2am. So by programmer standards, that didn't take long (especially starting from not even having a Haiku ISO).

But it's broken in a few ways I've already noticed. I'll look into why in a bit, but I'm a stranger in a strange land with this OS.

23-Dec-2012 17:01:18
Wow! rebol opensource. Fantastic! Many thanks!
24-Dec-2012 5:58:19
(at)Cyphre: It s since a long time I know it is impossible to work efficiently with you my good sirs.

So I am still waiting to see your way to collect and organise the work. Once it will be set if it please me I will be prolific with my contributions until then it will be just a waste of time.

And my idea of collaborative work isn t that to be shutdown by people that failled at everything :).

24-Dec-2012 6:04:57
(at)Cyphre: indeed your dirty work made r2 VID/draw agg full of bugs and RMA stoped to work because it wasn t better in r3.

I tryed to help you at that time all you could do is say "I don t have time for that now we will see it later".

Sure continue speaking of me I will remind some of your great achievements too :)!

24-Dec-2012 6:12:54
(at)Cyphre: it is not a secret that I m totally disgusted by the emptyness of this community.

Tons of promess have been done upon once the rebol open source.

Truth is I will not waste my energy and time trying to convince you that for example the sort function should consider smaller than ...

24-Dec-2012 6:28:53
(at)Cyphre: Basically I should organise the work of this community ? Is that what you expect from me?

I have been reduced by you and your pairs to a spectator role so I try to fit that role.

As for the github thing sure I can take rebol3 sources fix as much bugs I find do a linux 64 bits version but this will fit my taste and my needs it is not the way it will be profitable to the majority of users of rebol since that version will be my private work and never will be integrated as it in the main branch. Why ? because what please you is what comes from carl and nothing else.

So whatever. Congratulations on the port of rebol3 to android. it is totally useless but Hey that is a great achievement!

24-Dec-2012 8:35:24

Ok so lets be concrete and set up a set of questions that will help the "community" setting up work

How many more years do we plan to have r3 in alpha even worst stamped as version ?

What are the concretes needs to go to a version rebol 3 stamped 3.0.x.x ?

What is the plateform to discuss improvements bug fix?

Is everyone welcome and does every opinion will count and more specifically the negative opinions in the decision made?

Does rebol3 will be considered official for the /core part ?

Can we discuss some of the design choice made by Carl?

rebol 3 is modular oriented but when will we have a documentation on that feature and a rebol modules repository and a way to auto install modules as easy as include r3-gui in your script enought to auto download and install and /or run the requiered module ?

Are all agreed that a gui in r3 have to serve the main tools building like the graphical interactive help, an advanced console that allows you to travel into the code line you typed when your line of code is bigger that the width of the actual terminal, like browser editors?

Are we agree that rebol 3 developement covers not only r3/core ?

if you want more asks I can provide I have a ton of them but lets just reply to those for a biggining.

24-Dec-2012 13:24:09
I am a little concerned about the tone this thread is taking, but I believe Shadwolf questions are valid.

I have some suggestions myself, simple ones, How can I fix them myself?

X: array/init [10] 0      ; beautiful! but will fail
X: array/initial [10] 0   ; unpleasant

N: 10
X: array [ N ]            ; Perfect! will fail
X: array reduce [ N ]     ; Sadly necessary
François Jouen
25-Dec-2012 20:09:28
A R3 version for IPhone/IPad simulator!


Platform: Macintosh mac-m68

Build: 26-Dec-2012/3:38:26

Warning: For testing purposes only. Use at your own risk.

26-Dec-2012 7:04:58
(at)shadwolf: I don't agree that an Android port of r3/core is totally useless. Obviously, a console interpreter version of Rebol is not going to be very useful on a phone, but as a demo of Rebol code running on one of the two biggest smartphone operating systems, it certainly serves a purpose. I would be interested in trying out Rebol for iOS, for example.
26-Dec-2012 7:37:37
Martin .... main problem of rebol is to be a DEMO...

Can we finally get out of that demo state and focus work on finishing fonctionalities implementation before anything else?

Because since the port versions are closely dependent on the main version while the main version doesn progress the related ports doesn't too.

To be clear it is not because you run rebol/core on android that the gui that would give a plain purpose to rebol on a phone or a tablet will progress. I hope it would. I hope android port makes cyphre want to reset a proper r3/gui that has probably less functions at the begining but that will progressively stack up and be as great as rebgui was.

I guess it is impossible to expect rebgui to be ported to r3 since no one is interrested in it anymore.

26-Dec-2012 9:37:48
(at)Cyphre: it all about money with you ... you should put your actual port on the gogole play store with 0.99 USD and see how many people pay for it that will wake you!

And then you can donate the collected money to RT.This will be a great gesture comming from a guru isn t it and way better than arguing with someone you will not convince.

26-Dec-2012 9:59:39
(at)shadwolf From your other posts, it appears that you've grown frustrated with Rebol in its current state. We all know that there are flaws and obstacles to deal with. Realistically speaking, it's going to take time for the community to figure out how to work with the Rebol code base, whether we like it or not. What I am saying is that your frustration is understandable and probably, in part, shared by both Carl and the community. However, discussing things in a confrontational tone is counterproductive and will not result in anything besides hurt feelings and alienation.

I think this is a new start for Rebol. Let's all let go of old grievances and look at things from a fresh perspective. I've used Rebol almost daily ever since 1.0 was released in 1998 and even though I have supported Carl's decision to not open source Rebol in the past, I am still very excited about Rebol entering a new open source phase.

On that note, I personally think it's time to let go of the idea of a pure Rebol GUI. In my opinion, it would be better to find a reasonable abstraction for the native UI, given that rapid development is happening in the UI space, primarily on the mobile platforms, but also on desktop platforms, such as Windows 8. The very paradigm of the windows and mouse pointer UI model is being challenged. It would be very difficult for a completely Rebol driven UI to keep up with what is coming down the road.

26-Dec-2012 14:07:29
Cyphre, is the source for android available? To see how to build it?
27-Dec-2012 1:53:42
I find Martin's comments regarding a pure REBOL GUI to be spot on. The original REBOL/View has some excellent abstraction behind it (so good in fact, that I wish other languages or GUIs would have been able to adopt it).

However, given the number of operating systems that REBOL runs on, creating a new GUI overlay for REBOL is an undertaking that is daunting. And given that even the current operating systems continue to evolve, the goal posts keep shifting even as the community bickers.

[sorry for the lengthy post to follow ...]

For me, the GUI issue isn't such a big one as I would choose one of the following methods to work around it:

1) Choose a cross-platform GUI framework which works well and create REBOL bindings. You have Tk, Qt, Wx and others to choose from.

2) Use HTML as your GUI. Cheyenne is a really, really neat piece of kit, or if you like, roll your own HTTP server. Just run your HTML apps locally with REBOL acting as the server and exploit all the power of HTML 5. Seriously, if Google can run Google Docs on HTML, I'd be hard pressed to see why most REBOL apps can't be HTML-fronted, and REBOL-back-ended.

3) Use a GUI server. GTK has this - This model allows interpreted languages to "call out" to an external executable running a GUI, and carry out commands and return events to the calling program. Even REBOL is mentioned here as a language supported by GTK Server.

4) Use the power of REBOL dialecting and consider emitting dynamic HTML or code which can be compiled to run a GUI. I would use this approach for example, to emit C# or Java code dynamically to build and run a GUI. Both .NET and Java have many GUI abstractions - take your pick. Perhaps this approach requires more skill and is certainly not as elegant as REBOL/View, but hey, it beats griping about the lack of a GUI.

Personally, I think the R3 Core needs to be completed and stabilized, so that we can move on to bigger and better things for REBOL.

For starters, I personally see R3 Core as a powerful solution for fixing the brain-damaged (but necessary) autoconf and friends build toolchain. Imagine a dialected solution to configuration management and building, versus the crazy M4 and makefiles approach used today.

The source release of R3 Core removes many of the protestations of open source advocates to create such a solution.

27-Dec-2012 2:16:50
There's an excellent quote from Jack Nicholson's character in the movie A Few Good Men: "You can't handle the truth."

With some of the bickering going on here, Carl might as well say: "You can't handle the source!"

After years of asking for the source to be released, what do some people do when it is finally released? Start taking potshots and making unproductive critiques.

REBOL is not the first closed-sourced language to be open-sourced. As someone who has tracked many open-source languages, I can say that some communities have handled the transition to open source better than others.

I had been a long-time user of the Euphoria programming language, which was created in 1992 and was open-sourced in 2007. The original creator of the language, Rob Craig, has "retired", and the community took the language to a major release by itself within 3 years. Here we had an example of community really taking the source and running with it.

Sure the language not as well-known as REBOL, but the point is, a vibrant, united and respectful community creates a far better outcome than one divided.

For those who feel strongly about their pet peeves, by all means fork the project and show us your world-beating ideas.

27-Dec-2012 6:42:36
(at)Martin don t be fooled I m less frustrated by rebol than by rebol community and specially the less productive self designated in Charge of everything Gurus :).

And since they are in that non organised non planned non productive moud I will be in a bad one...

Example before rma/gui started I said it will fail due to a black box and a lack of serriousness in their project driving. I was treated with disdain for being franck and saying what I was foreseeing and that was 2 years ago...

since 2 years does those people shown that they could organise and produce things that are more than quick and dirty demos ? no...

All they done was to join my rant and ask Carl for a the open source of rebol after almost 2 years of iatus of r3 project with really few information comming from Carl.

Now we have the r3 open sourced which is great and does things are setting up the way those Gurus assume their leading position ? no once again all the lead they give is the list of bugs is there suit yourself and eventually please give use your bug correction that we will take credit integrating into the official r3 version...

I have quite the complication to work that way. But guess I have no way to make them assume their leading role so I will try my own way as usual who want to join and participate is welcome but I don t want half hearted people that disapear at the first difficulty.

27-Dec-2012 6:52:55
and first step is to show my community how to turn eclipse into an efficient developpement workbench for rebol3 from github for any of the main OS...

Then and only then we will start triming down the bug list but it will take some time to set up.

Ofcourse I had liked to be able to discuss that kind of things with interested people but at most I would face "eclipse? uh?" which doesn t produce mutch of an help...

So I will do my blend in my corner and see how many people preferes my ways... Even if I not a nice person... I think you missed my point here I'm not in rebol community to befriend people I'm in rebol community to learn, teatch, document, and share my passion for rebol...

Reuben Thomas
27-Dec-2012 9:17:10
I wrote to you, Carl, arguing that REBOL should become free software last Christmas Eve. A year later, I see my present's arrived! I'm delighted; congratulations.

Please add a more prominent link to the repo; it's disappointing that it was left to a commenter. Please also mention the license up front: it's great news that you've released REBOL as free software (not just open source); you should be proud and broadcasting that fact!

Finally, the repo name is a little unfortunate: a default checkout ends up in a directory called "r3". This is easy to change, but it's just another thing to fix for users; better call it "rebol". Versions should be branches & tags, not the basic path.

The final obvious stumbling block is that there's no link in the README to where to obtain a rebol binary suitable for bootstrapping.

Of course there are a myriad other things to fix, both in the build system and the language implementation itself. Only time will tell whether that can be achieved, but at least now the way is open for multiple attempts.

27-Dec-2012 14:05:37
Reuben Thomas: +1 concerning the "r3" name: I find it totally meaningless, out of the Rebol microcosm.

Before things gets too complicated (automated scripts gitting here and there, links on the web, other dependancies), I think it would be wise to rename it to "rebol" or "Rebol". The version does not matter much, indeed. Same for the executable name.

27-Dec-2012 18:08:02
I brought up the naming thing before with the suggestion of rebol-source as the repository name, in the midst of the GitHub thread:

But the repository for ruby is called ruby, and the account is called ruby. So rebol/rebol would at least have some prior art. That works too, although I feel a default cloning name of the directory that hints at you "hey this is the source for Rebol" might have some benefit. Maybe it's not important.

HOWEVER: I also brought up that I do not think the build process should make something called rebol by default. A conscious renaming step should be in the process, to discourage accidental distribution of anything called rebol from anywhere but the official site. Is "r3" a good choice for that? Probably not--especially since there's an actual popular language called R.

I like more strongly semantic things like executable-please-rename-but-do-not-distribute-with-the-name-rebol.exe. But I'm a nut. :-)

Either way; as pointed out, a decision should be made on this soon. Right now it's malleable and no big campaign has been launched to the general public...but give it a few months and the repository URLs get canonized too strongly in tutorials and HOWTOs. Also should exercise its proper trademark authority by distributing "rebol.exe", not "r3.exe" on the wall-of-binaries page we will hopefully have soon...

Paul T.
27-Dec-2012 22:31:25
Wow, finally! I might have to get back into REBOL and see where I can take this. Is REBOL Community ready for me to get back into the mix? The R3 (altme world) community and lack of progress was the main reason I lost interest. I don't think you want me on that fence.
Paul T.
27-Dec-2012 22:57:45
Ok, I already see a problem. You have made this distribution overly complicated for the average windows users (especially the new guy to REBOL). You left a window open for someone to come in and steal the thunder and put up their own webpage to offer a binary and specific directions for the windows users.
28-Dec-2012 0:56:50
As a r3 GUI is still missing for Linux and OS X, would anyone be interested in creating Rebol bindings for IUP (Portable User Interface) - ? It is multi-platform and uses native interface elements... And the use of it looks very close to Rebol (see for examples)...
29-Dec-2012 14:55:37
Hi Carl. First of all I want to thank you for all you have done for the IT world. If there will be no Amiga I would never choose this hard (but rewarding) path. Small gift from me I'm delighted that you have finally opened REBOL! I really think that this will be a game changer. I just compiled REBOL under my AIX and HP and I'm very excited about it! You have broken the last obstacle of REBOL going mainstream.
30-Dec-2012 6:35:20
I just had a look at IUP: looks intersting. It shares the Simplicity idea with Rebol.

I have no idea how difficult it could be to make a binding between Rebol and IUP, though. Or a binding with *any* other toolkit, by the way.

31-Dec-2012 10:07:20
I'm guessing nobody paid attention to my question or it's been answered and I'm just missing it but...

Is Command/SDK being released as open source as well?

I imagine we could benefit from being able to work with the encapsulator, the database, etc.

1-Jan-2013 8:42:31
(at)Sidecars: Only R3 is open source. No plans for open sourcing R2 (with or without /Command or /SDK) have been mentioned.
3-Jan-2013 10:23:31
Andreas, thanks.

Well is anyone interested in creating some type of driver/interface for the new Cassandra NoSQL database? Version 1.2 was just released and it seems we likely don't want to be slowed down by MYSQL or the like considering the awesome tool we have at our disposal.

I'm going to compile and see how it functions separately and hopefully get some notes on what will be required.

That said, my next goal will be to be able to add support to use dynamic libraries(at least for Linux and Windows). Anyone else working on a similar project?

9-Jan-2013 12:25:57
Just great news!!! Some nice things could now happen... :)
11-Jan-2013 3:59:53
I'm happy to announce a website for downloads of (unofficial) Rebol 3 executables for:

Automatically built from the source for Linux, OSX, and Win32, for your convenience.

11-Jan-2013 14:33:15
Reading this post, one name popped in my head. Guess which?

24-Jan-2013 16:01:36
Wow.. amazing! I've got to check this out.
6-Feb-2013 19:10:15
With regards to the GUI for Rebol... Perhaps a dialect for html5 for rapid creation and prototyping. This way as new UI paradigms emerge it would be trivial to evolve with this as well.

On another note pls continue the development of r3 on mobile devices... It's always good to be able to try out new inspired Rebol thinking on the go.


9-Feb-2013 12:52:44
Hey.. I can finally port this to the Blackberry Playbook and BB10?


15-Feb-2013 18:35:29
Of the current mobile platforms, I believe BB10 (which is based on QNX) should be the most direct port for the current R3 code. It offers a native C/C++ development environment, and a POSIX API.

In fact, I'm pretty sure that QNX users in general (not just on the BB10 and PlayBook devices) would find R3 a very useful tool in their kit.

Lijo Joseph
25-Feb-2013 7:51:31
Thanks a lot Carl!! This is awesome!! So happy REBOL is alive!!! Great amazing!!

Love REBOL!!!

Andreas L.
1-Mar-2013 5:07:35
Just "thank you" to all who made this happen. :)
Rob Grainger
22-Apr-2013 11:47:34
Excellent news. I was interested in REBOL but had been put off by the lack of either a language specification (such that someone else could implement a fully compatible version) or open source (my preferred option).

Will now start learning in earnest.

5-Jul-2013 16:56:12
This is fantastic news. Thanks Carl!!!
14-Sep-2013 1:55:34
I was following Rebol for sometime but lost interest being a closed source then but now I can join in porting it to my BeagleBoard, Raspberry Pi, CubeBoard, etc....

Also to use it as a Teaching language in some of my courses where I have used Lua, Falcon, Python, Ruby. And now Rebol can join our list.

Many thanks for making this to happen Carl!

God blesses!!!

Best regards, Sanyaade

Chris Travers
8-Dec-2013 7:30:48
Many thanks for this. This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone.
How can i build rebol wi
16-Jun-2015 4:01:30
I'm really a newbee in rebol.I've downloaded the excuteables in on windows platform,but it seems that it do not support the chinese find rebol on github,but i don't know how to build it with visual studio.could you please kindly help me?
12-Dec-2021 18:45
Happy birthday!

Nine years have already passed...

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