Comments on: REBOL Developers Conference - Nice, France - July 1013?
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Comments on: REBOL Developers Conference - Nice, France - July 1013?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
15-Oct-2012 2:38 GMT

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Who would be interested in a REBOL developers conference next year in Nice, France? I'm thinking it would be sometime in July 2013.

As open source, there would be many new REBOL topics to present and discuss. Perhaps it would be possible for Nenad of Red to join in the conference, and maybe others as well? (It is best to unify and grow stronger, not divide.)

Nice seems like a good location for such a conference. It's not far from the active REBOL communities (Europe), and for those of us in other continents there should be substantial motivation to visit the Cote d'Azur.

Anyway, just an idea. We should discuss it.



16-Oct-2012 0:35:28
Very good idea and I would suggest Caen, Normandy for this meeting. Regards from France
16-Oct-2012 0:39
Hello, A dev' conference could be a good idea. But about Nice, that means the local organization should be made by (mainly) french rebolers. I'm not sure we have a lot of developers in this area...? Regards
16-Oct-2012 0:43:33
As R3 will become Opensource soon, having a meeting next year is a very god idea. And in Nice, it would be very... (as it sounds)... nice.

But as a French, I'm a bit subjective.

16-Oct-2012 1:29:29
Nice is a great place. But I think Paris is much more better.
16-Oct-2012 2:23:05
Sounds good - I'd try to make it.
16-Oct-2012 2:37:37
Hi Carl, count me in! Unless you're organizing this devcon yourself, as Philippe says, it might be a bit hard for the french community to do it in Nice, as AFAIK, we have no one near that city to take care of the organization. If done in Paris, we would probably not have to rent any place to host the devcon.

Glad there will be more REBOL devcons, we have a lot to talk about. :-)

16-Oct-2012 4:36:21
Unifying is fine. Nenad and I have already created a bridge between Red and R3:

It allows to write R3 extensions in Red(/System). It solves the problem that it has turned out that most people don't want to or can't write R3 extensions in C, and it allows to cross-compile extensions without setting up the target systems including development environments.

Carl Sassenrath
16-Oct-2012 7:26:18
So... this is a good time for those Rebolers in Nice (France) to make their voices' heard! Maybe? We will see.

It is true that I would not organize the conference myself. A local group would need to make it possible.

I selected the French Riviera because it's a place I've long wanted to visit, and I would like to spend some relaxing time together with Rebol friends -- outside the busy city... near beach and boat.

Anyway, since I seem to run into Rebolers, and also Amigans, just about everywhere, I figured Nice might be possible.

16-Oct-2012 10:01:12
I would love to attend it.
16-Oct-2012 11:50:40
Sounds like a great reason to brush up on my French :)
Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
16-Oct-2012 16:48:19
nice is a very nice place (sorry for the pun ;-)

though try not to set it up it when its too hot, or the jellyfish swim closer to the beaches and its less fun (I was burned repeatedly when I was there at temps around 30C)

16-Oct-2012 16:56:35
Surely you can make a jellyfish zapper with a microwave and four lines of REBOL code? :-)
Luca Truffarelli
16-Oct-2012 23:44:48
I would join the conference with verve.

If I can also help to organize the event remotely then I would do it gladly.

17-Oct-2012 1:09:28

There used to be a quite important Rebol community in France, so this event should be an excellent occasion to gather and meet. I'll try hard to be there, whereever it is!

+1 for Rebol-Red connection!

À Pierre

17-Oct-2012 4:23:04
Also: I would recommend getting in touch with a local Linux User Group (LUG); since Rebol is / will be open-source - libre - free, I am sure that we can rely on the local GNU/Linux communities.

Sure they can help to organise an event. Here is one such association in the Nice area:

À Pierre

17-Oct-2012 5:04:50
is there rebolers in Nice?

Well Nice is a cool place to go and doing a rebol conference this year after the rebol open source openning would be the best way to get things organised the right way.

People don't have any fear I will not attend this conference I don't live in france anymore and I'm pretty buzzy so I don't see how I will be able to attend.

I know, I know that feels your tiny hearts with so much sadness and sorrow. Well life goes on... :)

17-Oct-2012 6:05:25
Nice in July and August is the worst place on earth. Full of people prices reaching insane levels.

Paris would be more affortable.

Nice isn't nice in july trust me it's the most touristic place on earth. (it's like an ibiza but for very rich people...)

17-Oct-2012 8:37:12
I agree with Shadwolf : Nice is nice, but in the summer it's pretty much for rich people.

Prices for hotels or meeting room will be higher at this period. It could discourage many of us, particularly the ones who must pay the plane ticket first (we are not all "Baron Von something" ;-).

Paris may be easier for the meeting room, not sure for the hotels prices. France is a touristic country, and jully/august are just the highest touristic months, so the pricier too.

I remember the DevCon in Italy : it was not in Milan just to avoid the higher price. May be we need to do something like this.

17-Oct-2012 10:18:31
Next year July in Nice will be hotter than in the old days ?

What about Lille - there is a software group there, a TGV to Paris, near Bruges with ferry to UK - close to Ghent, train to Brussels

And a SCANDAL-ous hotel ;-)

Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
17-Oct-2012 12:04:58
(at)didec: "Baron Von something".


17-Oct-2012 12:33:18
+1 RobertS
18-Oct-2012 0:19:09
+1 for Lille - its good for UK folk, as we can get there by Eurostar. With Brussels, Brugge and Amsterdam
18-Oct-2012 0:20:29
oops - edit: With Brussels, Brugge and Amsterdam nearby.
18-Oct-2012 3:03:26
Dear Mr. Sassenrath, I would correct post title, because you wrote 1013 instead of 2013... ;-)
19-Oct-2012 1:23:03
Hello Carl, count me in wherever the DevCon will take place! (I need to start save money for the trip though :-))
19-Oct-2012 1:45:44
Good idea! Actually I can french only "Bonjour et au revoir" :-))
19-Oct-2012 4:01:39
I have also heard, that Nice is insanely expensive and crowded in that period, wonder how expensive would it be to stay there for few days?
21-Oct-2012 23:49:16
A quick check on indicates 3 and 4 star hotels from a double at $75 per person, or a single room from $135 mid July. (Australian Dollars) 10 Euros for buffet breakfast. Parking can be a big issue if you've got a car, so ensure there is a provision for your car.

Trouble might be availability. Already there are not a lot of rooms left in the smaller hotels. Booking a group might be better, especially if someone has local knowledge.

Maybe somewhere cooler in the mountains near a vineyard might be an alternative.

24-Oct-2012 14:23:54
Does anyone in Sydney want to catch up while the conference is on and see if we can join by video conference?
Steven White
25-Oct-2012 6:20:27
I dream of the day REBOL is so popular that the conference is held in Minnesota.
25-Oct-2012 10:48:03
Well, back in the days, the last Devcon was planned in Prague, Czech Republic. We also talked about Amsterodam, which should be accessible my most europeans ...
6-Nov-2012 16:55:31
Wherever it happens, I'll plan on providing a video feed and chat services so that others from around the world can take part.
7-Nov-2012 22:11:21
"So... this is a good time for those Rebolers in Nice (France) to make their voices' heard! Maybe? We will see."

a very nice beach ;)

nick "'ll plan on providing a video feed and chat services ", nice... so try and use a good HD feed at 1.1 megabit if you can.

for pre-encoded HD works nice for streaming online(older avconv.exe so might need tweaks) avconv.exe -threads 4 -i "infile.mkv" -f mp4 -vcodec libx264 -crf 18 -minrate 800k -maxrate 1300k -bufsize 1300k -refs 3 -preset slow -vprofile high -flags2 -bpyramid -wpredp 0 -strict experimental -acodec aac -ac 2 -ab 128k -vf yadif,gradfun,hqdn3d,unsharp "outfile.MP4"

-minrate, -maxrate ,-bufsize for limiting the upload rate and -flags2 -bpyramid -wpredp 0 -strict being important for some older VLC web plugin's to play the feed without screwing up...

seeing your working.r script with these ffmpeg/avconv settings would be "nice" too.

7-Nov-2012 22:21:01
oops -strict isnt part of that explanation , it should have been -strict experimental to allow the use of the acodec aac part inside this/most avconv compiles but you get the idea i assume ;)
25-Nov-2012 10:10:49
I think there should be a Google Hangout or videoconference to throw a cyber-party when the source is out...

(Which is happening soon, right? :-/)

Carl Sassenrath
25-Nov-2012 23:48:43
I like that idea.

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