Comments on: Servers
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: Servers

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
1-Dec-2010 13:54 GMT

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Update: Turned out to be a router problem somewhere up north... They've fixed it. Sorry about that!



Nicolas V. (nve)
1-Dec-2010 13:02:09
Seems respawns. Carl: sorry for this personnal question : were you in vacations for thanksgiving ? Everyone on AltME were a little bit surprised to have down and no news from RT...
Nicolas V. (nve)
2-Dec-2010 1:12:03
Still down... My cache mislead me.
Nicolas V. (nve)
3-Dec-2010 7:56:15
Carl has not updated this item. is now available.

Carl Sassenrath
3-Dec-2010 11:39:40
Nicolas, yes, I took off a few days for Thanksgiving.
Nicolas V. (nve)
4-Jan-2011 12:27:05 is down again.
Nicolas V. (nve)
5-Jan-2011 8:47:26 is down again. Is someone on fire to fix problem ?
24-Apr-2011 20:12:21
Is it always down? 25 Apr 2011

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