Comments on: US Forest Service Dispatch Centers
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: US Forest Service Dispatch Centers

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
17-Nov-2010 17:07 GMT

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Ok, this one is a little different...

Apparently there's a REBOL application that runs US Forest Service Dispatch Centers. We are not familiar with the program, but US Forest districts contact us to order fire dispatch software or to report bugs. Unfortunately, we don't have any information about it. Nothing.

If you wrote this product, or know who did, please contact me via feedback so we can forward sales requests and bug reports.

Sorry, we no longer keep a central directory or catalog of REBOL-based software products. Sometimes I think we should, but it requires developers to actually add and maintain their product entries. Anyone interested in this?



17-Nov-2010 13:27:34
Disclaimer: Not a direct response to US Forest Service request.

As you rightly pointed out, maintenance of a product directory is an issue. However, an area with a showcase listing of applications where REBOL is used as well as any screenshots may act as eye candy for attracting new people.

The other day, I found out (by reading this blog's comments) that Atronix ASCADA is a commercial product that uses REBOL and has been in production for 10 years. Have testimonials like this may help in getting more attention.

Speaking of marketing, I am watching (didn't finish yet) the videos for AmiWest (part 2). I think such talks will also help people understanding some of the core REBOL concepts. Having such videos will help in jumpstarting REBOL way of thinking. Of course, this means Carl has to do more talks!

Nicolas V. (nve)
17-Nov-2010 15:28:19
I think this is a great idea for promoting REBOL. For a lots of people REBOL is a geek language not a professional one.

But REBOL is a professional language with great advantages : - lightweight - very easy to deploy - powerfull for massive deployment (because of lightweight and internet messaging language) - RAD language or swiss knif language - internet oriented language - etc. But IMHO, REBOL suffers from : - delay for the release of the third version of the product - lack of marketing - lack of visibility for product's, support's and services of REBOL For this point, I think that REBOL Technology must find partnership in others countries for licences sales, supports, services and training around REBOL. It is important for a company to have a local correspondant that can sell you licences, train your employees, offer to you local support, etc. Even if it's small companies that offers services.

So a professional testimony section, a worldwide services section with local correspondant and a product directory will be great.

Giuseppe Chillemi
17-Nov-2010 15:50:23
Hi Carl, if you take a look at the REBOL2 DocBase Wiki there is a section for companies/project made using REBOL. It could be a good starting point to catalog projects using REBOL.


David den Haring
17-Nov-2010 17:48:40
Just for the record, ASCADA has been around for about 10 years, but it was rewritten in REBOL only about 2 years ago.
18-Nov-2010 7:53:39
As controls and libraries are registered with the local system, so too could REBOL apps be registered with an app clearinghouse/mediastore/ecomm site. All we need now is the developer component, and the website :)
Nicolas V. (nve)
19-Nov-2010 6:45:38
(at) David den Haring It is more interesting if you choose to migrate to REBOL in 2008. What motivate the choice ? Can we have your testimony about the rewritten in REBOL.
19-Nov-2010 20:29:18
It's been suggested many times in various forums. For some reason, Rebol developers don't like to broadcast their work. Some suggest it is competitive advantage, some suggest other business reasons.

I fully agree with all the comments above. I'd love to see a portfolio of professional large/medium/small projects with little business justifications as to why they chose Rebol with other details about the project.

I'd also like to see a professional Rebol Style that can be easily applied to help those graphically disadvantaged developers provide their app with a more professional look (think iphone).

Here's hoping that more projects and more exposure will get more interested in contributing.

19-Nov-2010 20:33:11
Here's something that might help drive interest.

Does anyone know a techy journalism student that might be interested in interviewing developers of the projects that we do know of, and writing an article about bot the project and the developer? It would give them a place to practice their craft with some enthusiasm that they are hitting an untapped market and the sky is their limit.

If we had a list of apps and contacts it would be a good starting place for anyone with interest.

20-Nov-2010 11:13:10
Most ISV ask the customer's permission first before saying anything public about any private sale. In the case of ICON and the one big Unicon app, that had to wait until freedom of Info in USA revealed the budget, Afaik. For years the big Smalltalk corp user stayed mum for competitive advantage - so be careful who you 'out' without first getting a written clearance to disclose. The first big Smalltalk admission in a decade came from JP Morgan only a couple of years ago. Only a very few corp users of Curl can be made known at BUT if you track who attends DevCon's for a given language vendor you can often get a heads-up - but again, are they attending as private persons? There may be no right to provacu, but there are business ethics that bear on the issue in many countries. i like to watch the PDC Prolog DevCon attendance ... and in many countries, a waiver is worth the paper it was printed on ...
for your information
27-Nov-2010 11:14:46
looks like is not working or down
Nicolas V. (nve)
10-Dec-2010 22:41:35
Maybe we have a first candidate to Client/Professional testimony section :

Nicolas V. (nve)
20-Dec-2010 2:59:20
Nick has updated his post and add explanation of what has been done in REBOL for the Merchant Village.
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