Comments on: R2 Text Faces, Fonts, and Paragraphs
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Comments on: R2 Text Faces, Fonts, and Paragraphs

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
5-Nov-2010 1:33 GMT

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I was writing some code today that needed specifics of fonts and paragraphs, such as making the first line of a paragraph indented. I googled the keywords, but it wasn't so obvious. Knowing that we handle this well, even in R2, I kept searching.

The doc is REBOL/View Graphics - Face Contents.

Sometimes you just need to give Google a kick in the pants.



Greg Schofield
8-Nov-2010 14:48:05
Carl, I have no idea where things are up to in this area but I spent many years as a typographer.

Could I suggest that paragraph padding control (space specially below and above paragraphs) is very important.

Likewise space around, that leaves room for first line hanging indents.

Lastly justification is a necessity.

A good deal of text layout can be achieved with just these functions, and without it the text will always look chunky and computerized.

Greg Schofield
8-Nov-2010 14:51:29
Read the referred document with care -- looks like hanging indents are well taken care of.

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