Comments on: Using Twitter from REBOL
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: Using Twitter from REBOL

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
10-Sep-2010 16:15 GMT

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It's pretty easy to use Twitter from REBOL, and most of the time that's how I post post tweets... using a little 1K script.

If you're interested in using REBOL for Twitter, a good program can be found on Christopher's Twitter REBOL API web page.

Have fun... if that's what you have with Twitter, not sure.



14-Sep-2010 7:17:59
what good is this twitter anyway, you cant even follow a threaded conversation reply's on a single page, and need to search for a persons reply if your not actually there in person as they do so.

veetle video is FAR More appealing as a fun thing and communications platform in 2010 to try.

shame you didnt include high quality h.264 video streaming etc as a core option for rebol scripts dll's as you did for the old amiga OS and its mass appeal from the video pro's the world over.... but perhaps it wasn't personally you that insisted video for the masses must be included in the amiga core

from that veetle broadcast page you can be up and running your very own h.264 vlc streaming rebol/techs channel within seconds, and you don't even need to register to try it...

give it a go carl, and dave if your reading, its great for both on-site and off-site wireless laptop video streaming at high quality, yet so simple to do, far better than any other website and the visual quality is as good as you make it 1.1Mbit/s seems like the sweet AVC spot for real quality . see Zeus's HD a good example for instance. carl seriously, write a veetle/vlc video dll API for rebol inclusion and get it out there asap for all manor of new rebol users to use before Christmas comes and goes.

Trisha Alva
23-Oct-2012 4:47:17
Thank you for sharing this essay information about Using Twitter from REBOL. I really think this is very useful. Cheers

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