Comments on: Web hosting providers friendly to REBOL
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Comments on: Web hosting providers friendly to REBOL

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
11-Jun-2010 16:26 GMT

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A frequently asked question has been: what web hosting providers are friendly to allowing REBOL scripts? You could call them "RHPs".

I know that over the years various developers have kept lists of RHPs, but I'm not sure where, or if they're still online.

So, we're maintaining our own list now. Here it is: REBOL Hosting Service Providers

Let us know if you have additional recommendations; however, it must be based on your own experiences. If it's important to get them on this list, and you've not experienced their service, then request a six month evaluation account, and get some experience with them.

In addition, if you have a very bad experience with a provider on our list, let us know about that too.



11-Jun-2010 10:01:58
I have been using Hostmonster for a few years now and they have been great for me. I also run REBOL scripts from there.
11-Jun-2010 10:22:48
I've been using Lunarpages for years, without any problems.
Carl Sassenrath
11-Jun-2010 11:31:36
Nick, post the info to the feedback form (tell us how you've used it... CGI, cron, ?), and we'll get it up on the page right away. Thanks.
11-Jun-2010 12:07:23
that's a big big interresting news ! thank you carl !
Carl Read
11-Jun-2010 19:03:58
Was this post prompted by the recent closure of Nebularis? (Who were the only hosting company actually stating support for REBOL on their website, as far as I know.)

I was using them for hosting and only discovered they were closing when the site disappeared. I noticed yesterday it was active again though, so I was able to access what I had there.

Mentioning this here in case any other REBOL users were using them as a host but hadn't noticed the site had become active again. Their chance to get any data they might want.

And many thanks for the REBOL-friendly hosting list. Let's hope it grows...

14-Jun-2010 1:17:01
I use REBOL/Core CGIs on a Linux box with the provider 1 & 1 ( in Germany. It just runs great - since many years (2004?).
14-Jun-2010 2:32:10
I've been using MythicBeasts ( for CGI scripting on their shell account. Been using them for about 2 years.

No problems, and good reliability and technical support. I'd recommend them.

31-Aug-2010 9:26:17
I've been using Dreamhost with CGI scripts, no problem. I'm using Quarter Master (ross-gill) too.
13-Jul-2011 22:48:30
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