Comments on: V2.7 Graphics Fixes Being Made
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: V2.7 Graphics Fixes Being Made

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
24-May-2010 23:24 GMT

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We are in the process of fixing a few small V2.7 graphics problems (as reported by Maxim and fixed by Cyphre) and have uploaded a new test build.

See DevBase Chat R2/graphics (#44) for the related discussion details.

These changes will be in 2.7.8. If you have a graphics related problem that needs to be fixed, this is a good time to mention it (and provide the fix if you have it) in the DevBase #44 thread.



25-May-2010 2:33:24
It does not seem to happen to everyone... but any use of the draw dialect crashes for me on 2.7.7 on Linux. 2.7.6 works fine. It's not a big deal (I can use 2.7.6), but if you can reproduce it...
Carl Sassenrath
26-May-2010 12:01:43
Gabriele: Is the test code posted somewhere to reproduce it?
28-May-2010 7:09:57
Dunno if it's due to the Draw dialect, but on Linux, going into the Demos directory immediately crashes View.
8-Jun-2010 1:46:10
Adding Lanczos filtering would be great! Will check for any other possible improvement.
10-Jun-2010 2:15:44
Once more unto the tumbleweed...

Really, I understand there must be a lot of stuff going on in the 'background' but there should be a better way to address the lack of new posts from the top.



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