Comments on: Now Testing Bing for Site Search
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: Now Testing Bing for Site Search

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
28-Apr-2010 18:19 GMT

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We're doing some tests with Bing as our search engine for this website, and so far I'm impressed by the quality and speed of the results. No, Bill didn't pay me to say that.

So, we've replaced Google with Bing on our primary website pages (but not yet the document pages). And, if we don't see Google doing a better job indexing our main R3 document pages (770 pages) we'll be switching those to Bing as well.

Of course, we still need to figure out how to customize the Bing search results like we do with Google... then perhaps this change may become permanent.



Carl Sassenrath
4-May-2010 18:23:40
So, it appears that Bing is also missing quite a few pages of this site in its index. Perhaps search engines limit themselves to a few thousand pages per base URL.

So, there's no perfect method of searching this site yet. If you have one, let me know.

6-May-2010 10:55:53
We had similar issues on waiting and waiting and doing all the undocumented voodoo to get Google to notice, then index, the whole of the site. In the first year of the site, Google indexed barely a third.

Now, seven years later, Google has indexed large chucks of the site: all the of nearly 1000 scripts, and many of the 8000 mailing list threads and many of the 135,000 AltME posts. But many is not all.

After a year of waiting, our answer was to write our own. It's not as good as Google in presenting results in order of relevance, and it lacks the neat spelling correction. But it does have 100% of the site indexed, and does update the index within a few hours of any page changing. And it is 100% REBOL code.

If you want to look at deploying the same solution, let's talk!

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